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Drone Racing Guide

Drone racing

Drone racing is a new sport, where the participants need to fly with a drone in a set course. Obviously, if you want to participate in a drone race, you need a drone. You can buy it(this is an expensive alternative), or build it. The last alternative is cheaper, funniest and you’ll learn a lot of new things.So, let’s start with the beginning if you want to build an extremely fast and agile multi-rotors you need to buy a few components: RC Transmitter, Multi-Rotor Frame, Battery, Charger, and others.

RC Transmitter For Drone Racing

RC Transmitter for Drone RacingRadio Control Transmitter , as its name say, the RC Transmitter is what you need to control your future drone, . With it, you’ll send your commands and the drone will receive them with another component named, as you probably expect, “Receiver”. When you’ll buy the components, I recommend you to buy an RC set, that includes both parts. If you won’t buy an RC set, you could have the surprise that the Transmitter and Receiver have two different frequencies, so I warmly recommend you to buy a set.

Multi Rotor Frame

Multi Rotor FrameIs a frame made of plastic or other slight material( wood, foam, aluminum, etc. ), which includes two or more rotors. There are many types of Multi-Rotor Frames, named by the number of the rotor ( helicopter – 2 rotors, tricopter – 3 rotors, quadcopter – 4 rotors, hexacopter – 6 rotors and octocopter – 8 rotors). I recommend you to buy a frame which includes a camera. Don’t buy the cheapest frame because it can be bad quality and we don’t want the drone to break easily.

Charger and batteries

Normally drones run on electricity and they need batteries, and obviously a charger. There are few drones( like the military ones) build with a solar system or other kinds of electric system, which charge them automatically, but is a rare case and at the beginning, you’ll work with simple concepts. To build a drone you need a lot of batteries and I recommend you to use Lipo batteries. Lipo batteries are much better than NiCad batteries. Moreover, you need to buy a charger to recharge the batteries and a charge station to make the connection between the batteries and the charger.


In addition, you’ll need motors, ESC ( electronic speed control), and others. And remember, you don’t need to buy the most expensive components, but neither the most cheaper because you don’t want to be surprised.
After the creative part, the next step in becoming a true drone racer is to learn how to fly. This is the funniest part and I wish you “Have fun!”

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