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What Drone To Choose For A Beginner


What Drone/Quadcopter To Choose For A Beginner

When you are talking about a drone for beginners it is very hard to choose one. The reason is that if you are a beginner, you shouldn’t buy an expensive drone right from the start. It is a good practice to buy a cheap drone in the beginning in order to get used to flying and in order to see if you actually enjoy flying drones.

But who am I fooling? Of course everyone likes drones. For me at least it was a childhood dream. Nevertheless, when you are shopping for cheap drones you have many choices compared to expensive ones. There are lesser known brands, but they are very cheap and there are the well-known brands, but they come with a higher price. So let’s see what do you need to look for in order to choose the best drone for you.

Buying Considerations


It is important to choose a cheap and beginner friendly drone if you have never flown one before. If you have a little bit of experience, then you might consider the more expensive ones in order to get more features and better quality. A beginner is very likely to crash a drone while trying to learn how to fly it. And if he manages to break it, it won’t be a big deal if it was a cheap drone. Replace the cheap drone with an expensive one and you get a very expensive flight ticket. Anything under $100 I would consider a good drone for first time users and anything under $200 should be good enough for beginners with some experience.


The budget is a bit tricky, but most people would find a price under $100 quite reasonable. But even if you are on a really tight budget, I’m sure you can squeeze a $50 drone. There are many quadcopters for beginners under that price because quadcopters are very cheap to make and reliable. On the other hand, if you have a lot of money and you don’t mind spending them on a more expensive drone, then you probably can find a very good drone that can be flown by beginners, but it can also be useful to professional users.

For example the DJI Spark can be considered to be a good deal and it makes the link between quality and money a very strong one. Also, if you want to take a little bit of risk, you can buy it for long-term use. You pay a bit more for a drone that you will use for years to come. It all depends on your preference.


And the last, but not least, you need to decide if you want a camera or not. The presence of a camera brings up the price by quite a lot depending on the quality of the camera. There is also the option to buy a drone without a camera, but the drone can have a gimbal for holding a separate camera (like a GoPro). This is very good if you plan to get a good drone and then get a good camera later. Generally speaking, if you’re a first time user, you won’t probably need a camera. But if you do want one, you will have to get some extra money out of your pocket.

Drones For Beginners

Starting Zone

If you are a complete beginner, then there are some pretty cheap and safe options for you. If you want to be as safe as possible, then you can buy a drone that has an external “cage” than can protect it from crashing and from going into other people. Haktoys HAK901 Mini Basketball can be used as such an example. It is for indoor flying and it would be very hard to crash it and break it. Then you can buy similar priced drones with only prop guards and they are meant for outdoor use.

Finally, you can choose to buy a beginner friendly drone with camera. The DROCON Wi-Fi FPV drone is a very good option and it seems to be praised by many. It has a decent 720p camera and it has many features in order to help you fly it easier. It has prop guards and it can be flown outside if the wind isn’t that strong.

These are all very cheap drones and even if you manage to break them somehow, it won’t make such a dent in your wallet. After you have some experience, I’m sure you can get a more expensive and better drone in order to hone your flying skills.

After Some Experience

After you manage to accumulate some experience in flying drones, you can start looking for drones that will fulfill your needs. For example, maybe you want to get into FPV Racing, or you want a drone with a decent camera, or you just want a lot of features to show off to your friends.

There are many choices for any of these needs. So let’s see some.


DJI Drone Brand Logo
DJI is very well known for their drones. If you want to rely on a drone producer, then this one should be the one. As I’ve said, the DJI Spark can be a very good deal for beginners, but also for professional users. It has a full HD camera and it is packed with features and it also has a good flight time.

Holy Stone

If you want a cheap and good drone, then Holy Stone is a good name to look for. At $110 you can get a drone with many features (like headless mode), it has an HD camera, you can fly it for about 7-9 minutes and it is also a very good deal.


Syma Drone Brand
Another good brand for cheap quadcopters for beginners, just like Holy Stone. The Syma X5C quadcopter will get you an HD camera, 7 minutes of flight time and easy controls at just $40. A little less features and the quality may not be the best, but it is a good deal nevertheless.


Hubsan Drone Brand
A good brand if you plan to buy drones under the $200 mark. The Hubsan X4 H502S is of good quality and it offers similar specs like the Syma and the Holy Stone drone. So there is another alternative if you want to try it out.


Parrot Drone Brand
On the more expensive side, Parrot offers great quality for a good price compared to other drone brands. The Parrot Bebop 2 Quadcopter Drone with HD 14MP Flight camera offers you 1080p video recording an 14MP for pictures. It has a decent flight time, control range and the video quality is pretty good for such a “cheap drone”. Overall I would say that Parrot has great deals when it comes to drones and it could be a good choice if you have some money to spend.


There are many beginner drones, but you should not be scared to buy one of them, especially at a low price. After you have accumulated some experience, you will surely be more confident and you will be able to know which drones are good and which are not. I hope this guide will help you to buy the best drones for beginners and I wish you good luck in learning how to fly one if it’s the case.

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