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Drones For Dummies Book

Drones For Dummies Book

Drones For Dummies

Drones For Dummies
The quick and easy way to select, set up and teach you to fly drone ready to soar into the world of unmanned aircraft? Drones For Dummies introduces you to the fascinating world of UAVs. Written in plain English and packed with friendly instruction, Drones For Dummies allows you to find the information you need and purchase the correct drone for your needs, examples of ways a drone, and even drone etiquette and laws and use rules of consumer drone use.

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Not everyone who thinks seriously get into drones december 16, 2015
Amazon Customer (Italy) – See all my reviews
this review is from: Drones for Dummies (Paperback)

I read quite a few” for Dummies “books and unfortunately this is a the most disappointing ones.
I had expected after reading the book I would have a basic understanding of how drone work, an understanding of the components, dynamics and general knowledge on how to operate a drone at a basic level or even how to proceed in the case, I would like to build my own.
Unfortunately, I found none of the above.
What was most annoying is how little actually drones. the bulk of the book is about how to shop or to behave on the internet, basic and diluted introductions on related consumer electronics (cameras, editing software, etc ..) and some product-specific reviews which (obviously) are already obsolete. All this can provide helpful advice to anyone who is a dummy on most of today’s consumer electronics, but it should not be the main point of a volume that is supposed to be speaking about drones.

Each chapter begins with excessively long introductions, which seam has the sole function to add text.

If all “bloatware” we are left with about 30% of the drone specific text, which mainly an edited excerpt from several. user manuals, the book speaks only ready-to-fly platforms, basically becoming a buying guide for products that are already obsolete

The same aging question of the legal department of influence: it must soon to be updated, as with the recent regulatory changes readers might get into trouble.

The book often tells you what to look without actually telling you how you are supposed to do it.

Is it bad? It is not natural! Of all the bloatware, incorrect phrases (such as high speed “to indicate the speed) and repetitions there is plenty of good advice for start-ups, particularly in the chapter on safety. Yet when buying a book that I expect more structured information than what I received in return for a 10 min.

the dummy in me … a thorough and fascinating … september 16 2015

AmazonFan (capital of our country) – See all my reviews

This review is from: Drones For Dummies (Paperback)
Vine Customer Review of free product ( What’s this? )
Drones for Dummies is an excellent introduction to drones. Written in an easy to understand style, it includes everything you need to know about drones. As Mark Lafay says in his introduction, he assumes nothing but that the reader knows how to use a computer and the Internet.
From the basics of understanding how a drone’re buying, flies and various uses for drones, Lafay has thorough book for everyone author least interested in drones. I’m not exactly a dummy, but I’m no expert either airline so this book was perfect for me.
I found it very informative, especially the part about understanding the laws that govern the use of drones.
And anyone who has ever taken a selfie will like the section on the use of drones for aerial photography.
While there is a wealth of information here LAFAY is also a witty writer, making this an entertaining and educational read.
Even if you do not plan on actually buying a drone (I’m still a few months away from buying my own), Drones For Dummies is a fascinating look at one of the fastest growing segments of consumer technology today.
Definitely recommended .. would make a great gift.

Great book – Not only for dummies August 14, 2015

This review is from: Drones For Dummies (Paperback)
Vine Customer Review of free product ( What’s this? )

I am an experienced multi-Copter hobbyist and I’m impressed with this book. To be a bit more specific, I have a large number of micro-quads, a Parrot AR Drone 2.0 property, and have a few ‘helicopters built. I still learned a lot from this book. The only “constructive criticism” I can offer is that the book does not micro-helicopters such as covers my favorites – the Blade Nano QX and FPV (first person view) version, the Blade Nano QX FPV. These micro-helicopters are great for flying indoors and through the house. The book advises against flying indoor. It is true that vessel as the Parrot AR Drone is difficult to fly in. – The prop wash creates a very turbulent gait, etc. But … micro quads are great inside and allow for quick flights every day without hassle

All in all, the book seems to suggest that the Parrot AR Drone 2.0 or DJI Phantom with GoPro. These are great choices for ready to fly quads. The book also deals with the care and the adoption by pointing out that the devices and must be inspected after every flight and even gives examples of pre-flight and post-flight checklists. Other types of flying craft are referred to as fixed wing drones, but the book is really about multi-helicopters. The book does not really budget for repair. A new pilot should plan on spending at least half the price of the drone in the first year of repairs. In the case of a non-FPV micro-quad, they are inexpensive, plan to destroy a few. Also did not mention the book that manufacturers forums and online videos must be checked for “required” changes. For example, Parrot’s landing gear really vulnerable and zip tie modification is indispensable

There is a fair amount of text devoted to not annoying others (a “Bonehead.” – Rhymes with drone head) and knowing and follow the law. These are important issues. As for how current the book, discusses proposed FAA which issued in February 2015. So, that’s great. Multi-helicopter technology is developing at an amazing speed in recent years. It seems that this book will be dated very quickly, but there are many parts that will keep well for at least a few years. For example, probably do not change the proper manner to deal with batteries. Nor will the parts about scheduling video recording, taking care of the equipment, checklists, …

The parts that I found most eye-opening and educational to do with cameras, video and socially connect with like-minded pilots. Regarding cameras, the reasons for using a GoPro be well supported even though I’m more of a Mobius man because my equipment wreck glorious and often. People are more concerned with getting usable video and do not crash would probably prefer the GoPro. The book also deals with much better cameras that can be used to make great video, but cost more, weigh more, and for people with advanced budgets.

In terms of video, the editing tools are listed and described. Most interesting book introduces some tools for removing camera jitter, such as Youtube and Turbo Video Stabilizer for cheap and Adobe After Effects to not so cheap. The steps for getting that video from a helicopter and are described in a computer, including getting videos and images on a Chromebook. Also new for me, the Pixlr Chromebook app can edit images. Interesting because the “Base Flight” Chromebook app is a nice ground and configuration tool for certain quadcopter flight controllers.

Another big part is the one that the use of social media to another ‘copter to meet addicts. These are by far the most important sources for finding out how to deal with the problems that will emerge absolute. Things like why your quad is flipping over, instead of taking off. The author calls the glory of Youtube. I have spent countless hours watching ‘Copter how-to videos on Youtube. The book data using Google Groups, Facebook, and manufacturers websites to identify and connect with people asking – including observations that are moderated many of these forums and abuse / stupid posts will not stay online

To. Sum it up, this book is well done, timely, readable and informative than I had ever dreamed of. 

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