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Unmanned Air Systems: UAV design, development and implementation

Unmanned Air Systems: UAV design, development and implementation

Unmanned Air Systems: UAV design, development and implementation

Unmanned Air Systems: UAV design, development and implementation
Unmanned Aircraft Systems provides a much-needed introduction to UAV System technology, with an integrated approach that avoids partitioning the topic. Arranged in four sections, parts 1-3 examines how the various technical disciplines affect the design, development and deployment of UAS. The fourth section evaluates the future challenges and opportunities for UAS.

Technological innovation and increasingly diverse applications are two key drivers of the rapid expansion of UAS technology. The global defense budget to expand UAS procurement, and in the future the market for civil UAVs is expected to surpass that of the military.

Agriculture, meteorology, conservation and border control are just a few of the various areas in which UAVs are to make a significant impact; The author addresses all of these applications, looking at the role and the technology behind both fixed wing and helicopters UAVs.

Leading aviation authorities consultant Reg Austin co-founder of the Bristol Vehicle remote-controlled (RPV) conferences in 1979, which are now the longest-established UAS conferences worldwide.

Moreover, Austin has over 40 years experience in the design and development of UAS. One of Austin’s programs, the “Sprite UAV System” is used throughout the world and run day and night, in all weather conditions.

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This review is from: Unmanned Air Systems: UAV design, development and deployment (Hardcover)

I think the title of this book are very misleading. The description on the back of the book is a bit misleading. I read the book at least set a generic and somewhat technical explanation of UAV design, development and implementation. I was disappointed to find that there was little or nothing regarding the design of a UAV, the development of the design, integration of hardware tradeoffs in hardware and airframe design and implementation (fielding) of the final product.

My thought is that a book like this is more a book at most. If you are currently looking for what I was looking for, I would Aircraft Performance and Design by John Anderson, and / or Aircraft Design guess: a conceptual approach by Doug Raymer. In fact, if you are interested in the design of aircraft it would be useful to check AIAAs education series.

Is the standard of UAS

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This review is from: Unmanned Aircraft Systems (AIAA Education) (Hardcover)
Well written and comprehensive text on the subject. This book is a excellent introduction to the subject that will inform for beginners and intermediates the depth and breadth of the information presented warrants this book an excellent reference text to sit on your desk

Exceptional Book


This review is: Unmanned Air Systems: UAV design, development and deployment (Hardcover)
This book really the fundamentals of the UAV design from scratch off and assumes no previous knowledge aviation authorities making this a good book for beginners and experienced aircraft designers. All systems of the UAS are discussed in depth and in-ground monitoring, maintenance, launching and recovery. The book is well organized and the reader is not burdened with too many mathematical formulas. Security and reliability are also covered. The book uses extensive illustrations and graphs. Payload design and navigation, communication will be discussed in detail. An entire section on the certification and testing is included and covers crucial information. Finally, sections on implementation, operational processes and operational functions are included. All in all, this book covers all aspects from design to testing to operational deployment, the coverage is complete and is not seen in many other books UAS. Overall, I highly recommend this book as a first UAS book and also as a book for aviation experts looking to expand into UAS technology.

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