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Small unmanned aircraft: Theory and Practice

Small unmanned aircraft: Theory and Practice

Small unmanned aircraft: Theory and Practice

Small unmanned aircraft: Theory and Practice

Autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are critical to current and future military, civilian and commercial activities. Despite its importance, no previous textbook has introduced UAVs accessible to students in engineering, computer and science disciplines – until now. Small unmanned aircraft provides a concise but complete description of the key concepts and technologies that underlie the dynamics, control and monitoring of fixed-wing unmanned aircraft, and may all students with an introductory-level background in checks or robotics to enter this exciting and important area.

The authors explore the essential underlying physics and sensors UAV problems, including low-level autopilot for stability and higher autopilot functions of planning path. The textbook guides the student from rigid body dynamics through aerodynamics, stability augmentation, and state estimation using sensors on board to maneuver through obstacles. To facilitate understanding, the authors have replaced traditional homework assignments through a simulation project using the MATLAB / Simulink environment. Students begin the modeling of rigid body dynamics, add aerodynamics and sensor models. They develop low-level autopilot code, extended Kalman filter for state estimation, path following routines, and high-level path planning algorithms. The final chapter of the book focuses on UAV guidance using machine vision.

Designed for advanced undergraduate or graduate students in engineering or the sciences, this book provides a bridge to the aerodynamics and control of UAV flight.

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mprehensive overview of Suas algorithmic design


This review is from: Small unmanned aircraft: Theory and Practice (Hardcover)
Beard and McLean’s book discusses briefly the guidance, navigation and control algorithms used in small unmanned aircraft. the text is written so that a reader familiar with what is background material “to include the faith” and continue with the progression of the book through the material and the bibliography is certainly sufficient to support material. a most enjoyable aspect of the book is the end of chapter questions form a single design project that spans the entire book, so that if one works through all the chapters at the end of the reader has a full, rudimentary Suas simulation system, and the construction of this simulation emphasizes many of the concepts introduced in the book, leaving the reader to easily experiment with design changes. The very consice nature of the book, there are many instances where I felt like introducing the material authors without even mentioning alternative approaches. Suas-GNC is a rich area and although this book will certainly leave the reader with a comprehensive understanding of one approach, the reader should not be concerned about an appreciation for the countless other approaches or considerations.

Large book


This review is from: Small unmanned aircraft: Theory and Practice (Hardcover)
Thebook was good, but the key lied in the exercises and additional material. Without the additional projects, the book is a little hard to understand. a background color in kinematics, linear algebra and differential equations, Simulink control systems and aircraft structures would help readers. one complaint was that lecture slides was online a few errata compared book figures and comparisons; My suggestion would be to use the most current document

Good book about the flight control of a small UAV


This review is: Small unmanned aircraft: Theory and Practice (Hardcover)
This book discusses the issues of the UAV automatic system.
The title can be misleading.
The book should be called “automatic flight control of small unmanned aircraft”.
The book does not cover other aspects of UAV design, except for the flight control.
The text is easy to read, despite mathematics.
good book, clean explanation.
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