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Unmanned Aviation (General Publication S)

Unmanned Aviation (General Publication S)

Unmanned Aviation (General Publication S)

Unmanned Aviation (General Publication S)

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In the 1990s, the author oversaw the development of two of the most advanced UAVs Pentagon. As he looked at the history of the unmanned aircraft, he noticed that every time a conflict broke out, well-intentioned American engineers would get to work on the latest unmanned concepts all but blind to the work of those who came before them. In this book, Newcome says the long history of unmanned aircraft in the hope of ending the cycle of duplication of efforts. As this short history can help prevent such reinventions of the wheel in unmanned aviation efforts in the future, it will have served its purpose, writes Newcome. Newcome follow the family tree of unmanned aircraft all the way back to their roots as aerial torpedoes, which were the equivalent of today’s cruise missiles. He discusses the work of leading aerospace pioneers whose efforts in the field of unmanned aviation are largely ignored by history. The book tells the use of unmanned aircraft in times and places where you would not expect, such as during the Cold War in Vietnam, and in Israel. Details on the general trend in UAV design – for example, the recent transition of remotely piloted aircraft to queues

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Customer Reviews

Only book on general history of UAVs, but not covering the entire history november 24, 2006


This review is: Unmanned Aviation (general Publication S) (Paperback)

Although the book has a title that claims general history of UAVs, especially mentions UAV’s the United States. It covers Israel and some Italian UAVs, but it does not cover ony of the UAVs of the Soviet Union.

The book has a bibliography and it refers to the information in the text. So it has some flavor of the academic style. It also has an index at the end.

The book gives information about “what a UAV and what is not.” The performance of the UAVs of the post WWI era is particularly interesting. It also makes an overview of the UAV sector at the time of writing (2004).

The photos and images may be improved in the book, in any event, a picture of each in the UAV his text.

The book is easy to read and certainly contains information valuable to the interested reader.

Larry was a friend and colleague before his death … July 27, 2015


This review is from: Unmanned Aviation (General Publication S) (Paperback)
Larry was a friend and colleague before he died Remarkable. history of an area of aviation that the current definition of air warfare today
has been changed

See both customer reviews …

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