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Yuneec International is a well known drone producer company that was founded in Jinxi, Kunshan in China in 1999. They are respected among drone enthusiasts due to their products quality.

Their best known products are probably the Typhoon series. The series has a number of models, namely: the Typhoon H (you also buy the bundle, Typhoon H Pro if you would like to get accessories for your drone), the Typhoon Q500 (they also produce the 4K vversion, Typhoon Q500 4K and you can get the bundle which is named 4K Pro). For the Typhoon series you can also get the Yuneec’s drone remote, the Wizard which will give you full flight control for your drone, and also, the Skyview which is a cool FPV device which will allow you to see your drone pathfinder in first person mode.

Another product is the Breeze drone. It can capture videos and photos in 4K and you can connect it to your Android or iOS device. When it was released it gathered positive reviews by drone enthusiasts.

Yuneec also has the Tornado series which has the Tornado H920, the bundles (Tornado H920-CGO4 , Tornado H920-GB603 , Tornado H920-V18).

In addition to drones they produce handheld devices, the Action Cam, which will help you get smooth looking photos and videos. It’s basically a combination between CGO3 camera gimbal with a handheld device. When you use it your videos will look smooth even if you accidentally shake your camera.

The E-GO2 it’s an electric longboard produced by them. It’s a pretty looking long skateboard: “Featuring a 12mm, eight layered composite wood deck to make it flexible and durable, two riding and speed modes to accommodate any rider, and a 400 watt motor, the E-GO2 possesses all of the qualities you’re looking for in an electric longboard.” – citation from the Yuneec’s website.

You can find more and info and accessories on Amazon.

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