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Cherson Drone Brand

Cherson Drone Brand

Cherson Drone Brand

Cheerson is a pretty new company that manufactures drones. It was founded in Guandong, China in 2011 and despite being a relatively new company to the game it made a name for itself among drone enthusiasts.

They list on their website a number of categories for drones, such as:

Aerial Drones:

The Cheerson CX-20 Pathfinder and the Cheerson CX-22 Follower. This series of drone is likely more oriented towards those who want to buy drones for photo and video shooting or just for recreational purposes.

Racing Drones:

Cheerson CX-91 Jumper: As you can see, Cheerson also produces drones aimed towards those who want to participate in drone racing. The CX-91 was a welcomed addition from Cheerson when it was released.

One can also notice that Cheerson is a pretty serious company and it also produces drones for children or for those who want to purchase an inexpensive drone just for fun. For this they also produce Toy Drones. When it comes to toy drones Cheerson produce drones with a pretty cool design, for example, the Cheerson CX-31 UFO. Some other toy drones with cool designs from Cheerson includes: Cheerson CX-37 Smart H, Cheerson CX-33 Scorpio, Cheerson CX-36 Glider and Cheerson CX-35 Leopard.

They also produce MicroDrones that have WiFi function, such as: Cheerson CX-10W WiFi, Cheerson CX-10WD, Cheerson CX-10W-TX and so on.

You can find more info on their website and also you can check Amazon for more info about products and accessories.

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