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Blade Drone Brand

blade drone brand

Blade Drone Brand

Blade is an american company owned by Horizon Hobby. They manufacture a wide range of quadcopters but their most popular one is the beginner drone, Blade Nano QX. Blade made a name for themselves in the last years producing a wide range of drones suitable for both beginner and experimented drone users.

In addition to their standard model of Nano QX Blade also produces the Nano QX 3D version, the Nano QX FPV and Nano QX2 FPV. In their catalogue Blade also produces different beginner models such as: Blade Inductrix, Blade 180 QX, Blade Inductrix FPV, Blade Chroma and so on. Additionally Blade also produces helicopters for beginners, namely: Blade Scout CX, Blade mCX2, Blade mCX.

In their intermediate category of drones you can find models such as: Blade Mach 25 FPV Racer, Blade 200 QX, Vortex 250 Pro. They also produce helicopters for intermediate users such as: Blade 250CFX, Blade Nano CP S, Blade 120 S, Blade 200 SRX, Blade AH-64 Apache and so on.

In their advanced category Blade lists mostly helicopter models such as: Blade 180 CFX, Blade 270 CFX, Blade 300 CFX, Blade 360 CFX and Blade Trio 360 CFX. One interesting design in this category is the Blade Theory Type W FPV.

You can find more information about their products on their official website and on Amazon.

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