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Build a tiny whoop FPV drone

Build a tiny whoop

Build a tiny whoop FPV quadcopter

There are a lot of tiny whoop drones out on the market but you should try to build your own one. This way you will have more fun and you will enjoy flying it more.

Build Components:

  • Inductrix frame
  • Inductrix props
  • Micro Motor Warehouse Upgraded CL 0615-14 (fast) brushed motors
  • Inductrix control board
  • NewBeeDrone Nitro Nectar Upgraded 210 mAh 1 cell 3.7v Lipo battery
  • NewBeeDrone Stinger Vision Custom Mico FPV Camera with 25 mW VTX – New Flexible Antenna!
  • Free ABS 3D Printed camera mount

Building a tiny whoop FPV drone

It is easy to assemble this drone; the hardest part though is mounting the camera power wires to the board. You can get help if you find it too difficult. The Inductrix board mounts quickly to the frame with the screws you get in the package; you will also need a very small Philips head screw driver to drive them in. Install the 3D-printed camera and mount at the same time when you secure the flight board.

To mount the camera involves removing the unit from the plastic frame by gently pressing on the lens and bending the tabs back on the sides. After you get it out you can route the wires through the hole on the right and press it in the mount. After that you have to press the motors into the frame. Twist the motor wires to reduce the length of them.

Tiny Whoop Build Performance:

The drone works very well after assembled correctly and it has a flying time of almost 5 minutes. It glides smoothly and it is easy to control as well. You can use it even if you are a beginner. It is pretty fast in forward flight and it isn’t twitchy not even a bit. Overall, the drone is easy to build and fun to fly around. The best part is that it is so small, you can even fly it inside of the house and even if it crashes around furniture and such, it won’t be damaged because it is very resistant.

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