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Lower Quadguard Backpacks

Lower Quadguard Backpacks

Lower Quadguard Backpacks

The guys from Lowepro have released a serie of five products for the safety of our drones and not only. So, let’s present them and talk about each one of Lower Quadguard Backpacks.

QuadGuard BP X1

Quadguard BP X1 BackpackQuadGuard BP X1 – This is a backpack made for transportation of a drone( in exterior of the backpack) and his accessories(batteries, transmitter, etc). The accessories have a room inside of backpack. It cost 119.95$ and you can buy it from here.

QuadGuard BP X2

QuadGuard BP X2 BackpackQuadGuard BP X2 – The only two difference between X2 and X1 QuadGuard BP are: X2 can transport two drones and is more expensive. It cost 149.95$ and you can buy it from here.

QuadGuard TX Case

QuadGuard TX Case, Controller CaseQuadGuard TX Case – with this case you can transport the transmitter and all spare parts and accessories of your drone.
Click here ( it cost 59.95$ )if you want to buy it.

QuadGuard Kit

QuadGuard KitQuadGuard Kit – this kit is composed of two TX cases, which means you can transport every accessory of your drone. It cost 99.95$ and it’s about 20$ cheaper like if you would buy two TX case. Click here for more informations.

QuadGuard TX Wrap

Quadguard TX WrapQuadGuard TX Wrap – is an cover which can protect the transmitter control sticks when you don’t work with it.
It cost only 19.95$, click here for more informations about this product.

In conclusion

If you use your drone just in nearby you will not need these. Otherwise, if you want to take your drone with you in hikes or walks I recommend you to protect your drone and accessories with these products.

Here you can find more accessories.

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