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HOBBY TIGER battery 3.7V 800mAh Lipo + 4 in 1 Battery Charger MJX X400 X200 X500 X800 X300C RC Quadcopter Drone

HOBBY TIGER battery 3.7V 800mAh Lipo + 4 in 1 Battery Charger MJX X400

HOBBY TIGER 3.7V 800mAh Lipo Battery + 4 in 1 Battery Charger MJX X400 X200 X500 X800 X300C RC Quadcopter Drone

 Battery HOBBY TIGER 3.7V 800mAh Lipo + 4 in 1 Battery charger MJX X400 X200 X500 X800 X300C RC Quadcopter Drone

  • Improved Hobby Tiger 800mAh battery, more power and better performance for your quad.
  • 4 in 1 charger with JST adapters can be used for both XH plug JST battery and battery.
  • Compatible with MJX X300C X200 X400 X500 X800 Quadcopter RC
  • Package including :. 4x batteries; 1x 4-in-1 USB charger; 4 pieces jst adapter
  • Security: .. Over Charge Protection and Short Circuit Protection

Please note that the LED lights on the charger will turn off when the battery is fully charged. Therefore, the charger LED does not light or blink when the batteries are full, or in other words within the voltage is over 4.0V.

List price: $ 22.99


Great batteries that work well with the SJ X300-2C and Syma X5SW


This review is from: HOBBY TIGER 3.7V 800mAh Lipo Battery + 4 in 1 Battery charger for MJX X400 X200 X500 X800 X300C RC Quadcopter Drone (Toy)

Great value of outstanding high-capacity batteries that work well in the SJ X300-2C (very similar to MJX X400) and Syma X5SW (using the charging cable).
Battery arrived well protected in a plastic retail package very easy to open and access was the content. The content includes four 3.7V 800mAh 25c batteries, four-port charging dock for four JST JST DS charging leads and a USB charging cable.
When inspecting the batteries turned out to be fabricated very well. They are very sturdy, neatly labeled and beautifully wrapped in the protective housing Li-Po. They use a decent gauge wire to the JST connector which is also nicely confirmed

  • These are a battery 25C so they do have a decent discharge when comparing OEM SJ X300-2C and Syma X5s (x) batteries
  • The batteries are considerably thicker to 3/16 “in side profile than the OEM batteries due to the large 800mAh capacity. Although they were slightly thicker, I had no problems getting them into the battery compartments on both quads. There is enough space in the Syma X5SW to remove the battery and JST to JST-DS charging cable so that it can be used to insert the quad. Ironically, the battery it also makes it easier.. the only thing that is more of just a little joke, the labeling easily captures the SJ X300 (X400 MJX) battery box compartment
  • Charging time lasted a little less than 1.5 hours using a 5V power 2Amp charging via a computer or USB 1A. source lasted nearly three hours.
  • Flight times using these batteries are incredibly using the OEM batteries I saw out of flight time in the 6-7 minute range these Hobbies Tiger batteries were a solid 9-10 minutes.. aggressive flying with very little blur. I have many other aftermarket batteries that would last 8-10 minutes as well, but due to poor battery blur the last 2-3 minutes aircraft performance was terrible in hands.

** Note: I do not fly them with their cameras, landing gear or prop guards so your time may be less or more depending on your setup and flying conditions

  • As far as weight, these batteries weighed 19 grams, which I found to be 3-5 grams heavier than the OEM batteries, but that did not affect the performance or the duration of the flight
  • Another little something I noticed after use during a battery swap them not as hot as other batteries feel that I’ve used, including the OEM ones. This is great, because they quickly cool off and are ready to be placed back on the charger in a shorter time.

I am very happy with these batteries so far. I had them for almost 3 weeks, and they have to be carried out by means of 10 times is fully charged and discharge cycles. None of the batteries have no swelling of any sort on display, but this is something that I will continue to follow closely as I more cycles on them. If properly maintained, I’m sure I had enough of the life of them and get a lot of flights.

I must disclose that I get this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. The above observations and the attached photos are my own, and from my real life use of the product. I am very satisfied with these batteries and would definitely recommend them to my other quad flying friends.

As some camping lanterns and stuff


This review is from: hOBBY TIGER 3.7V Battery 800mAh Lipo + 4 in 1 Battery charger MJX X400 X200 X300C X500 X800 RC Quadcopter Drone (Toy)

While I was in the RC hobby, both electric as nitro, I did not get this set of batteries to go in a quad or another RC vehicle. I actually bought them to use as batteries for devices with power, as some camping lanterns and stuff. I love how can all batteries at once with the included charger, but I’m just not sure how much I trust it. I’ve seen several cases of low loaders goes bad and starting fires, so I think I’ll stick with my trusty professional chargers. Besides, they give me complete control, many more features, and how much capacity could tell me the batteries really. I do not take my lithium batteries much lower than 3 volts per cell, so while I was the capacity of these batteries to the test, I got a little less than the advertised capacity. This is normal because many manufacturers use somewhere around 2.75-2.85 volts per cell when rating their batteries. I’m not sure the 25C discharge is accurate, but the devices I’m going to use them, do not need anything even close to that figure, so I’m not worried. The batteries use a standard JST connector, but you can easily change what you happen to need for your application. Just for fun, I’d try a few of these in series and see how they perform in one of my 18-scale electric cars.

I received this item for free or discounted in exchange for an honest review. This is my true opinion of the product and is not affected by this fact.

Very Good Quality


This review is from: HOBBY TIGER 3.7V Battery 800mAh Lipo + 4 in 1 Battery charger MJX X400 X200 X300C X500 X800 RC Quadcopter Drone (Toy)
I received this product at a discount. When the item arrived was in a nice package and looked very clean. As soon as I opened the box I started to recharge the batteries. the batteries are very firm and the connections are strong. the leads all fit perfectly into the charging station and detained without some leeway. charging the battery is quick and easy. I used these batteries for my hubsan and they lasted longer than the stock battery. the charging station was charging and switching each part quickly and easily. this product is very simple and does a very good job in providing the power and charging. I would buy a pair, but 4 batteries is enough to fly forever.

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