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Realacc Backpack for Phantom 3

Realacc Backpack for Phantom 3

Realacc Backpack for Phantom 3 – Waterproof Backpack

The DJI Phantom 3 can occupy quite a lot of space, so they have decided to make a backpack for this drone. Realacc Backpack is supposed to help you go to your destination without any problems and it should be able to protect your equipment better. It sounds pretty good, because if you are going to be on foot, it is not that easy to carry everything with you.
Realacc Backpack

General Info

You can buy this drone Backpack right now with $29.99 or $65.99 depending on which warehouse you buy it from. There is a Realacc Backpack version that can be used for the Phantom 4 but sadly it can only be acquired from the China warehouse and you will have to pay some extra money depending on the place you want it delivered to.


The backpack uses a tough polystyrene that isn’t brittle and it can be very resistant to tearing. The casing fit inside the backpack material should be waterproof, so it should be good enough if it is raining outside, but that doesn’t mean that you can through it in water and expect no leaks. So try to avoid exposing the case to excessive water.

When you put it down to open the backpack, it will probably get quite dirty since it has no feet in order to avoid that. You have to put it fully on the back on the front of the backpack in order to open, so that area will usually get dirty and it is a bit inconvenient, but nothing that isn’t manageable.
Realacc Backpack - Waterproof Backpack
The main compartment where the drone is supposed to fit is molded perfectly in order to allow all the DJI Phantom 3 models to fit in without any problem. The transmitter compartiment needs
to be put in on the side in order to fit in. Behind the drone you can fit in 3 spare batteries, so that is quite nice. Also, on the sides you could fit in the charger and the propellers.

The two padded straps and the well-padded back make this a quite comfortable backpack. You also have a chest strap if you need it, so this is way more convenient than a luggage style drone


The backpack is made out of good materials and it feels quite nice to the touch. The zippers are pretty decent also and you can fit everything you need in that backpack. All the accessories and the drone are quite nicely protected from physical factors like accidental hits and rain, so it makes it perfect for trips in the wilderness or any other kind of trip.

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