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Accessories For Drones

Accessories For Drones

Accessories For Drones

Beginners might think that if you buy a drone and use only what comes in the box it is enough. You can straight away test it and have fun with it, depending on what drone you have bought. Most drones do offer a ready-to- fly experience and it can be enough for a beginner. But what happens after you experimented everything you could? You either buy a new drone, or buy some new accessories for drones. And if you plan to use your drone for a long time, it’s a good idea to buy these accessories. They will serve you a long time and when you upgrade, some of them might still be good. So let’s see what accessories for drunes you should buy.

Charging Hub

This one is probably one of the most important accessories for drones, especially if you have a drone that doesn’t last that long. There are simple USB charging hubs that plug in the wall at a very decent price. You can find something like that at a price as low as $10 and you get 7 usb charging ports. You can find some that plug into your PC, car or even an external battery. The only problem with the external battery is that it won’t be good enough to charge many drone batteries. You need a really good external battery for that, but it should be possible.

Charging Hub for drone

There are also some custom charging hubs depending on what drone you buy. For example DJI has such an offer and you can charge up to three Intelligent Flight Batteries all at once with their hub. But it’s made only for Phantom 4 batteries.

So you need to consider if you can use one of these or not. Technically if the batteries don’t exceed the storage of a smartphone battery, you can charge them with an external battery on the go and maybe even put a charging hub on top for multiple batteries charging. It all depends on the drone battery and external battery. And if you have enough USB cables of course.


Now this one’s evident, especially if you have a charging hub, or if you want to buy one. You need extra batteries. Depending on the drone, you might want to buy a lot, or a few. For example, if the drone can fly 10 minutes with a battery, then you should buy around 6 extra batteries as accessories for drones if you want to fly it continuously. It usually takes one to one and a half hours to charge a single battery, but that depends. So in order to give it enough time to charge, you will need 7 extras. But if you buy a drone from DJI for example, you only need a few since their batteries can last 20-30 minutes and their charging hub may be faster than normal hubs.

extra drone batteries

So make your calculations because you don’t want to miss out on the perfect shot if you’re an enthusiast and have a good drone with camera.

FPV System

If you want to get the full experience out of your drone, then this might be something worth investing into. FPV comes from first person view and in the context of goggles or smartphones, it means that it can offer a first person view of what your drone camera sees. Basically you connect your drone camera to a remote device via Wi-Fi connection and you can see what the drones.

FPV Drone System

Alternatively you can use your smartphone in order to stream the video directly to it. If you want to see what the drone sees exactly, you can buy FPV Goggles. These can further immerse you, but be careful with them. If the drone camera doesn’t have at least Full HD quality, it might give you nausea and headaches. It also depends on the person, so if you can test the goggles before you buy them, it would be great.

Carrying Case

If you’re a person that likes everything to be nice and tidy, then a drone carrying case should be of good use to you. Most cases have space for the drone but also for additional accessories.

There are normal cases with a handle, cases with wheels or even backpacks. A backpack seems more useful to me at least. Be careful to look for your drone model though, so you won’t have surprises when the case comes home.

Extra Lighting

Now this one is probably a preference, but in my view at least it adds a lot to the night-time experience. If you have a small drone that can’t support extra weight, then you probably can’t add extra lights. But if you have a drone that can, then you can either buy a spotlight or landing lights.

Drone Extra Lighting

The spotlight is meant to be used for recording in the dark. It is mounted above the camera and it can actually improve your night-time experience a lot. The Landing Lights are usually attached to the landing gear. They can be fastened with a bolt or they can be attached using adhesives.

The purpose of the these is more for aesthetics than a visual help at night, but it is worth it if you’re into these types of things.

Better Cameras and Filters

The are a lot of options here, but the best by far should be a GoPro camera. It is compatible with many drones and it offers great quality and they are very durable. The GoPro camera is made for extreme situations, so if something really bad happens to it, there is a good chance of survival. I’ve seen GoPro’s that stayed in the water for months and when they were retrieved, they were still good.

Better Cameras and Filters for drones

Along with a good camera, you might want to investigate filters. They can be of great help when trying to get a perfect shot and you will probably use them. There are options for the GoPro too. I think that you can’t go wrong by buying one, it’s very popular, so it has a lot of support.

Propeller Guards

These are important mostly for beginners, but they can save your drone even if you’re a professional user. Usually when you crash a drone, the propellers are the first things that break and they can also cause some injuries if they are near a person. So if your motto is “Better to be safe than sorry.” then I definitely recommend buying the guards. Even so, some extra propellers are always welcome.


There are some accessories for drones with which you can never go wrong. So a few extra bucks spent on some quality accessories will come in handy at some point, especially if you use your drone often. While out-of- the-box drones might offer you a decent experience, you don’t know what you lose until you try something new out.



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