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Eachine VR006 FPV Goggles Review

Eachine VR006 FPV Goggles Review

Eachine VR006 FPV Goggles Review

You may have seen other people who are wearing a headset while they are flying a drone. Well, it might look stupid but those FPV headsets are really cool and give you an indescribable feeling. If you ever wanted to try it out well then now it’s your time. Eachine came out with a fantastic mini FPV Goggles, the VR006. It has many awesome features, and it’s working really great all that for a small price. This FPV headset takes part in the group of headsets under 100$. At the end of this article, I will list you a few sites where you can buy this headset from. Until that stay tuned and pay attention to this Eachine VR006 FPV Goggles Review. 

Specs and features

  • Screen size: 3” LCD display
  • Screen resolution: 500×300 pixels
  • 5.8 GHz with 40 receiving bands
  • Single receiver
  • Dual RP-SMA male antennas: mushroom (omnidirectional) and flat plate (multidirectional) antenna
  • Built-in LiPo battery 1S 500mah (3.7V-4.2V) 
  • Working time of 1 hour 
  • Fresnel lens: beware that distance not adjustable and, since goggles screen display housing is small, there is no possibility to fit glasses in it
  • Small and lightweight: 138x129x79mm (without antennas) 
  • Weight: 165g
  • Receiving sensitivity: -95dBm
  • One key auto-search function

What’s in the box?

  • The Eachine VR006 Goggles with an adjustable elastic headband and sponge pad
  • Mushroom antenna
  • Flat plate antenna
  • Operating manual
  • USB charging cable
  • AV IN cable
  • 2 x Alcohol cloth to clean the screen
  • Additional sponge for more comfortable nose contact
Eachine VR006 FPV Goggles Sides Review


It covers your face pretty well, and it won’t harm your face in any way. You even got additional foam for your nose area if that might be a problem for you. Also, another thing that is worth mentioning is the super lightweight weight, even with the inserted battery. Most of the FPV headsets are way heavier and they can fall off, or drag your face down, but this is one feels really natural and won’t cause any problems.

Buttons and Menu

On the side of the headset you’ll find four buttons, above there are +,-,MENU, SCAN / Power On/Off scripts to tell you what are they doing. By pressing for 4 seconds the “SCAN / Power On/Off” button, the goggles will turn on. Once they are turned on, press the “MENU” button allow you to enter the menu option Function there, every time you press the “MENU” button you will cycle between the following configurations: Brightness adjustment, Contrast adjustment, Saturation adjustment, “AV / AV IN” mode setting, Frequency Display. You can adjust these options with the +  and – to decrease and increase their value.

Battery Charging

To charge Eachine VR006 goggles we have to use the micro USB charging port (use only this to charge the battery) it takes more or less one hour of to fully charge it. After you plugged into a power source the little light on the top will shine red. The Eachine VR006 goggles support the possibility of charging it while in use. After the device is fully charged, the red light goes off.


The screen is only 3 inches but has a really good resolution. On the lower left, you can see the battery voltage of the goggles and on the bottom, you are able to see the frequency as well. However, it is not possible to hide the battery voltage on the screen, and sometimes it can be a little annoying. The only thing that can be removed is the frequency. After you connect a drone to the headset you will see all the information about the status of the drone.

Eachine VR006 FPV


You can change the input of the goggles from AV to AV IN. So you can watch any other cameras as well if you have an output like that to them.


While the goggles have to antennas it only uses one because it has just one receiver. The headset analyzes the source of the two antennas and connects to the one which has a stronger signal. You can even change the antennas with a more effective one.


If you wish to take a look inside you can do that. The goggles are kept together with only 4 screws so you can disassemble easily. After you did that you can see how the magic works. But be careful, this all disassemble process is not advised and if you do it don’t do anything you can’t redo after.


If this will be your first headset you will be satisfied with it. Of course, there are other headsets for way more money that can do more, has better displays and reception. But for this price, this is one the best goggles comparing to others in price-quality proportion.

Sites where you can buy it: amazon, banggood, and aliexpress.



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