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Lykus DBP 100U Backpack Review

Lykus DBP 100U Backpack Review

Lykus DBP 100U Backpack Review

If you are a professional or semi-professional drone user you definitely know how hard it is to carry around a big drone like a Phantom 4 Pro drone. Especially if you’re going to travel with it. And yeah, there are cases for drones that can store the drone and some accessories but then you’ll need another backpack for your personal stuff, so the best solution for you is to get a backpack. But not just any backpack, you’ll need a quality travel backpack that protects the drone as well as keep all of the important accessories in one spot.

Luckily, there is a quality travel backpack that has been released recently and since then it gained popularity between the drone users. I’m talking about the Lykus DBP 100U travel backpack crafted specifically for Phantom 4 Pro drones and other drones that have the same size. In this  Lykus DBP 100U Backpack Review, we will show all the perks and the disadvantages of the backpack so you may have a clear image of the backpack. We are going to dive into the details such as the design, the quality, the carrying capacity, and more. 

We hope that at the end of this guide it will be easier for the readers to decide whether they should get it or not. Although we want to let you know that we never owned this drone backpack, the review is based on other people’s review and experience. 


  • Model: DBP-100U
  • Size (Length x Width x Depth): 21 inch(52 cm) x 17 inch (42 cm) x 9 inch (22 cm) – Good for carry-on.
  • Weight: 4.23 lbs (1.92 kg)
  • Compatible with: Phantom 4, Pro, Advanced; Phantom 3 Standard, Professional, Advanced, and 4K; Phantom 2; Other similar-sized drones
  • Package Contents: Lykus bag and anti-water cover
  • Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty 


The Lykus DBP-100U travel backpack is designed to be waterproof, but to be sure to always put on the anti-water cover if it rains outside. It is nice to have a travel backpack that prevents water from entering the backpack, this way not only your drone will be safe, but all your accessories and papers will be dry as long as they are well sealed. This makes the Lykus DBP 100U an ideal backpack for travel enthusiasts. It’s true that the Lykus DBP-100U advantages the ones who own a  Phantom 4, but if you have the sponge from the original package. 

The backpack was made to be durable and to protect your drone and important accessories inside. Besides the fact that it’s durable, it comes with secured straps. These secured straps can lock the drone, just like a laptop case. This way it doesn’t move around while you are moving, and can support other drones as well. On the inside, there is a soft cushion to protect the things inside in the case of a hit. Besides there are pads on the back as well so it won’t get painful carrying this backpack on long journeys. The designers paid a lot of attention to making the backpack as lightweight as possible.

Lykus DBP 100U Size

Capacity and pockets

I bet that all of you are curious about how much Lykus DBP-100U travel backpack can carry. However, the most important thing in the backpack is not just the storage capacity but the distribution of the space. Depending on what you need, (how many batteries, controllers, devices, gadgets) a backpack can be good for someone and bad for someone else. These are things that you need to consider the most when you’re shopping for a travel backpack to support your gadgets.  

The Lykus DBP-100U travel backpack has little pockets in all four sides in the main compartment. So it can support four extra batteries, the controller, the spare props, an iPad, and even a sports camera. The main accessory pocket is located on the top of the backpack as well in the front. The main benefit of having a backpack for a Phantom 4 is the fact it’s placed in an X shape so the pockets may have plenty of space, so you can stuff them without hurting the drone.


As you saw earlier the Lykus DBP-100U t comes with a waterproof cover that you can easily cover the backpack so that the water or even the dust doesn’t get into the drone and its important accessories and gadgets. I thought it was a nice addition because if the backpack gets wet the drone will stay in that soaked environment for a long time, which is not good for an electrical device. There are not a lot of drones or travel backpacks that are lightweight enough for long trips and they have features like water resistance. 

The waterproof cover can be removed easily because it’s not that easy to access your things inside the backpack when it’s on. The Lykus DBP 100U is truly a professional-grade travel backpack for your Phantom 4 drone, and not just. 


Before any final verdicts about the Lykus DBP 100U Backpack Review. I have few remarks to share with you about this well-designed, waterproof travel backpack. If you are a professional filmmaker or enthusiast traveler looking for an inexpensive travel backpack to start with this might be the perfect choice for you. It has some benefits for the people out there with a Phantom 4, but if you have another drone that fits in the backpack don’t limit yourself. It doesn’t cost that much compared to other successful drone packs like Case Club or Manfrotto Phantom Pro-Light. 

Lykus DBP 100U Backpack Space Review

The fact it can support up to five batteries at the same time makes it a perfect choice for professionals, who like to film for a long time. Given how affordable the Lykus DBP-100U travel backpack is, it’s one of the best choices to protect the drone and its accessories with a waterproof cover. Plus, it comes with secured straps so that everything will be steady. Not only that, the Lykus DBP-100l backpack is made to be lightweight, it’s also comfortable enough for everyone. Overall, I think this is one of the top-notch drone backpack made for drone enthusiasts. 

If you wish to buy the Lykus DBP 100U you can check out Amazon.

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