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Best drone stores to buy drone from

The Best drone stores to buy from

If you’re a beginner and you don’t know where to start from, a list may help you to choose the best drone store. It might also help people find new places to buy drones from. So here’s a list with the best drone stores to buy from.


Amazon Drone Store
Amazon is one of the best places to buy many things, not only drones. The reason for that is the A to Z guarantee, which means that if a broken drone manages to be delivered to you, Amazon will try to do everything they can in order to give you a replacement. They will talk to the seller and try to solve the problem with a certain purchase.
Also, another good reason to buy from Amazon is that they have a lot of options. You can find most of the good drones here and some of the worst, but at least you’ve got a lot of options to choose from.


Banggood Drone Store
This site is very similar to amazon in many ways, but it offers a new interface and it feels also professional. It has a wide variety of drones also, maybe even bigger than Amazon. The difference is that Banggood tries to offer more affordable drones and many prices may be lower than on Amazon. You could potentially use Banggood and Amazon together in order to get the best offer.


DronesETC drone store
This site was founded in 2013 by 2 professional drones enthusiasts called Shawn Rowland and Jonathan Baird. They have one of the largest drone stores online and they have very good customer service. Their main focus is of course, the drones, the site is dedicated to drones, so you can figure it out that they are very good in what they are doing. If you can’t afford a drone immediately, they even have some financing to offer.


Uavdirect Drone Store
This is a site that specializes in DJI Phantom drones sales.They offer a price match for any DJI item that is sold by an authorized DJI Dealer. They have a very good repair service and customization for many things. If you need help in order to choose the best drones for you, they can help if you ask them. The UAV Direct team has only experienced pilots and people who know what they are talking about.


Geekbuying Drone Store
This is an only store intended for “geeks” and of course, the drones are a thing that can be associated with “geeks”. So as you can imagine, they have many drones for sale and you have what to choose from. You can use this site to search for lower prices, just like Amazon and Banggood.


There are many stores online, but sometimes the most obvious choice isn’t the biggest store you can find, so this list should help you in order to see where you can get the best deal. Also,
alternatively, you can look some local stores in your city, but usually you won’t get a good deal from this store, since they basically get their drones either at the same price as an online store, or higher. But it still is a good place to get information.

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