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The 10 Grams Drone

The 10 Grams Drone

10 Grams Drone

When it comes to technology, the japanese are recognized across the world. There’s no exception when it comes to drones and the smallest devices of this kind are presented in Tokyo. They are only four centimeters in size and they weigh 10 grams. Their creator say they are perfect for filming in tight spaces.

In a country where space is a big problem, the apparition of these kind of drones that are so small is welcomed. They are much easier to control but their creation wasn’t easy at all for japanese engineers.

The japanese engineer, Shuichi Kukihara says: “We, the japanese have problems when it comes to control big drones. Therefore, the small ones have the advantage of being able to fly inside houses or in small parks.

And it’s true, the drones created by these japanese engineers are really small. They are four centimeters in size, they weigh 10 grams and they feature tiny video cameras.
Because of their small size their owners don’t have to get a license to fly these devices.

Akihisa Suzuki, the executive director of an IT company says: “The drones are equipped with newest technology features. People are able to understand how they work, how they can raise them up from the ground and this is a very important thing for the future.

Their small size affects the price as well. We are talking about prices of $60 to be exact, compared to prices of normal drone that are up to $1500.

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