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Top 5 Best Small Drones

Top 5 Best Small Drones

Top 5 Best Small Drones – Introduction

In 2016, there are many drones, which can be organized in many categories. Today we will make a top of 5 best small drones in our point of view. Probably, they are better small drones than these, but maybe we don’t know them. So, if you know a better small drone, don’t hesitate and tell us about it in a comment. So, here is our Top 5 Best Small Drones:

5. FQ777-124C Nano Quadcopter

FQ777-124C Nano QuadcopterThis drone costs about 15$ and it is a very small one( 7 x 7 X 2.7cm ). At this price, FQ777-124C has a good remote control frequency( 2.4 G) and a satisfying flight time( about 4-5 minutes). The only deficit is that this drone has not a camera, so if you also make photos with your drone, this is not a good drone for you. You can read our review about FQ777-124C Nano Quadcopter.

4. Sky Viper 200m Nano Drone

Sky Viper 200m Nano DroneAt the price of 40$, this drone can fly about 5-8 minutes and comes with a 2.4GHz RC, that means it can be controlled from over 150-200 metres. In addition, this drone haven’t a camera, it is just for flying enthusiasts, because it is a very speedy drone.See our review about Sky Viper 200m Nano Drone.

3. Husban X4

Hubsan X4 H107C one of the best quadcopterHusban X4 is known like the smallest drone available on the market, it has a size of 60 x 60mm. It costs about 35$ and his principals qualities are: the 240mAh Li-Po Battery( it has a minimum 9 minutes time flight ) and the 4 Channel 2.4GHz transmitter. It doesn’t has a camera, but is a ready-to-fly drone.Read our review about Hubsan X4 H107C.

2.Syma X5HC Quadcopter

SYMA X5HCThis drone is expensive than the others( it costs around 100$ ), but it has a 2mp HD camera which can make good videos( 30 frames per second ) and photos( 1280×720 resolution ). It’s flight time is about 5-8 minutes and it has the same 2.4GHz RC.You can read our review about Syma X5HC Quadcopter.

1.HexaCopter UAV Merlin

Merlin Digital HexaCopter UAVThe last but not the least is this splendid Hexacopter made by Merlin. It costs 165$( yes, is more expensive), but obviously has better specs: it comes with 2.4GHz RF controller, a camera with record and capture functions and can be controlled via Wi-Fi and smartphone app. Also, it has 6 rotors which is a plus for stability.You can read more about Merlin mini drones here.

Top 5 Best Small Drones – Conclusion

If you don’t want to use a drone for very professional photos or videos, I think that a small drone it’s what you need, because they are cheaper and have similar specifications with the expensive ones.

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