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The Best Drones of 2017

best drones 2017

Best Drones

The new-year has come and there are already some new drones that can outperform last year’s drones. Of course, some still hold solid ground in certain areas and they aren’t going to be beat that easily. So here’s a little update with the best drones you can buy in 2017. Keep in mind that some of the latest drones can be really expensive and you should do your research carefully. You might get a newer drone for a lot of money, when you could have bought an older one, for less money.

UDI U818A – Great if you’re a beginner

UDI U818A RC Quadcopter HD Camera
I’ll start with a cheap drone. This is pretty good for beginners. You can learn to fly easily and you don’t need to worry about breaking it. Considering the low price, you can learn to do a lot of risky moves and when you get a more expensive drone, you will be all set to fly it safely. You’d think that at this price, you will not get a camera, but here it is.

A 0.3 megapixels camera with 30FPS with a resolution of 640 x 480. Also, the flight time is actually decent, most cheap drones last about 5 minutes, but this one has a flight time of about 8 minutes. Another good thing is that it is pretty durable, it has a frame that protects the rotors if you manage to crash it, which is pretty nice. The price tag for this one is around $54.80 on Amazon.
UDI U818A RC Quadcopter image with Motor

DJI Mavic Pro – Best drone with camera

DJI Mavic Pro Drone
Now here’s a more “professional” drone. DJI is known for making excellent drones and this one is no exception. The Mavic Pro is very good at taking nice still shots and making videos. It is actually one of the best drones with camera.
DJI Mavic Pro - Best drone with camera
The camera has 12 megapixels and it can make videos at 4K/30fps. You can also pilot it using the smartphones or by waving your hands. Also the flight time of this neat drone is impressive, it lasts about 22 minutes. But of course, that’s what you should expect at almost $1000.

Aerix Drones Black Talon Micro FPV – Budget FPV racing drone

Aerix Drones Black Talon Micro FPV - Budget FPV racing drone
If your want a decent FPV racing drone, then this should be pretty good, especially if you’re a beginner. It has the low price of about $125. The only problem is that it has a low flight time. 4 minutes should be enough for a fast race.
Aerix Drones Black Talon Micro FPV

Parrot Disco VR drone

Parrot Disco VR drone
This is a quite unique drone and it also gives you unique features. It looks like a plane and it has a wide-angle camera. The reason for that is to let you see what the drone sees with the help of some FPV goggles that you get when you are buying the drone. Pretty neat, if you ask me. The camera is 720P and you have an amazing flight time of 45 minutes. For these awesome features, there is also a high price to pay, it is about $1300 on Amazon.


This was a short list of the best drones in 2017. Of course there a lot more nice drones, but these stood out to me the most. This is a pretty good year to buy a drone, prices are lower and lower and the quality is higher and higher in many cases.



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