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Top 10 Best FPV Racing Drone 2017

Top 10 Best FPV Racing Drone 2017

Top 10 Best FPV Racing Drone

Maybe you have seen some of the awesome FPV drone races, or you are already practicing this “sport”. You’ve got to admit, these drones are cool. But maybe it’s time to have one for yourself or have an upgrade. In either case, I’ll make a top 10 list of the FPV racing drones that stand out to me.

Arris X-Speed 250B Quadcopter Racer

Arris X Speed 250B Quadcopter Racer
This one is for the beginners. If you want a decent racing drone at a lower to mid-range price, then this should be perfect for you. It is pre-calibrated and the drone is compatible with a lot of the FPV goggles.
Arris X Speed 250B LED HD Camera
Arris X Speed 250B Brushles Motor

Hubsan X4 H107D

Hubsan X4 H107D
Another drone for the inexperienced users. The X4 H107D is even cheaper, so if you want to practice with a “toy” FPV drone, then this should be a good option. It can be the perfect drone to start with and you won’t be concerned about crashing it because it has a low price. You might not get good results in serious FPV racing, but it is good enough for testing.
Hubsan X4 H107D top

TBS Vendetta

TBS Vendetta
This is one of the “pro” FPV drones you can take. TBS Vendetta will give you a high performance at a decent price. Another good thing about it is that you can’t break it that easily.

ImmersionRC Vortex 250 PRO

ImmersionRC Vortex 250 PRO
The Vortex 250 PRO is another professional drone and it competes with the previous one. It has a smooth flight because of the three propellers and it also enables it to fly with more power.
Price: around 300$

Vortex 285 Race Quad

Vortex 285 Race Quad
This is a drone made out of carbon fiber for lower weight and that is a pretty big advantage, it makes it really fast. It has a good on-screen display and it also compatible with a lot of FPV goggles.

WST QAV280 FPV Racing Drone

WST QAV280 FPV Racing Drone
This FPV drone has a fully enclosed body design, which is pretty nice. You can reach a control distance of about 800-1400m and it has a camera that can be adjusted up and down 40 degrees.

Z-Standby Mini 260 Racer FPV Racing Drone

Z-Standby Mini 260 Racer FPV Racing Drone
The main advantage for this drone is that it has a 3ms response time. The response time is way better than average (20ms).
Z-Standby Mini 260 Racer Package

Walkera F210 Professional Racer

Walkera F210 Professional Racer
This one is good if you’re planning to do night-time races. It has special camera that is pretty good for night vision.
Walkera F210 Professional Racer antena and motor
Walkera F210 Professional Racer anti-collision

BLADE FPV Nano RTF QX Quadcopter

Blade FPV Nano QX and Package
This is another drone for beginners. It is actually one of the best budget drones you can get with FPV goggles included.
Blade FPV Nano QX and Package flying
Blade FPV Nano QX and Package front, side and back of drone

Lumenier 610 QAV250 Quadcopter

Lumenier 610 QAV250
This is a drone for professional use that can be assembled and it is a pretty reliable one. You can get it at $550 but you don’t get a transmitter and FPV gear.


There’s an FPV racing drone for everyone. It is true that you have to invest a hefty amount of money in order to get into this “sport”, but the lower priced ones don’t sound so expensive when you look at the professional ones. So if you’re a beginner, don’t be afraid to buy one of the cheaper ones, you might have fun at least. If you’re heading towards being a professional, then I recommend putting some money aside for the best of the best.

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