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Tiny Whoop Alternatives for 2017

Tiny Whoop Alternatives for 2017

Tiny Whoop – Best Alternatives

Are you looking for Tiny Whoop alternatives and need some ideas? We know just how much you like flying micro indoor drones and that you would like some cheaper versions of the whoopers, so here are some ideas for your alternatives:

First Tiny Whoop alternative is the MJX X909T

Our first alternative is the MJX X909T that costs around $70. This drone has a battery of 380 MAh 3.7V and its dimensions are 76 x 77 x 41 mm. This is the smallest drone from the list and comes with a built-in HD 5.8 Ghz streaming camera which can transmit the video signal directly to the transmitter. This mini quadcopter can fly for about 6 minutes. Quite cool isn’t it?
MJX X909T 3D Roll

Second alternative is the Eachine Turbine QX70

Eachine Turbine QX70 front and back
Eachine Turbine QX70 is the second alternative we’re offering you. This one costs about $60 and is a little bit bigger than the previous quadcopter but the flight time is about the same: 6 minutes. It has 40mm long propellers, a 520TVL HD CMOS 1/4 inch camera with Pal / NTSC output on a 5.8g 25mW connection.
EACHINE Turbine QX70 top and bottom
EACHINE Turbine QX70 Camera

Third alternative is the Eachine X73

Another alternative is the Eachine X73, this little fellow costs $55 and it is super easy to control. It owns a 1S 350mAh 25C LiPo battery and features a 600TVL 5MP camera, with a 1280 x 960p resolution. Thanks to his light weight it can fly for about 6 minutes and it is among the few quadcopters that features a prop-guard as default.
EACHINE X73 Top and Bottom
EACHINE X73 Camera

Last alternative is a DIY quadcopter

DIY Quadcopter
Our last alternative is a DIY quadcopter, sounds crazy, right? It’s really easy to make and it will cost you between $50-100. It’s the best option to make is you have experience in building your own quadcopters.

For a typical build you will need the following parts:

You can try one of these Tiny Whoop alternatives out if you like, they’re very good and it will spare you a lot of time and money, giving you the same flying experience as a tiny Whooper would.

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