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Top 5 3D Printed Drones

Top 5 3D Printed Drones

Top 3D Printed Drones

If you enjoy flying 3D printed drones then we have tracked down some of the best drones out there on the market to show you today.

1. Millenium Falcon Drone

The first in our list is the Millenium Falcon, a classic among the 3D printed drones. The thin frame allows the drone to be more flexible and more resistant if it crashes. The frame is designed to attach to the store bought drone.

2. Ceres Galliot MicroQuad

Ceres Galliot MicroQuad
Another good example of a drone is the Galliot. This drone has a size of 110mm and you can find it available with 7mm or 8mm motors. You also have a 600TVL camera and the drone is very stable and durable, making it perfect in combat.

3. The Arkadia Quadcopter

The Arkadia Quadcopter
This is a customizable drone, perfect for those types of pilots that are looking for expanding, but it is also good for beginners just getting on the field. With a durable and compact frame, the Arkadia has been modified to hold a GoPro mount and can also hold 1806 motors and even smaller. This is really a good drone to have around.

4. Talon X1 Drone

Talon X1 Drone
The Talon X1 was developed to be used with STEM curriculum and it will also help students to gain crucial skills in different aspects of technology and design. Not only that, the 250mm drone is being sold as a package in which the students can print and assemble the drone themselves. It is really impressive and also a quite durable drone that can survive crashes.

5. Arrow 270 Drone

Arrow 270 Drone
The last, but not least, the Arrow 270 is one of the fastest racing drones on the market. Topping out at 150 km/h, this drone can be a game changer. It is perfect both for beginners and advanced pilots and this drone comes with many other cool gadgets and features.



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