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JetJat Ultra Micro Drone

JetJat Ultra Micro Drone and Controller

JetJat Ultra Micro Drone – The Easiest Drone to Fly

The JetJat Ultra Micro Drone is made to be beginner-friendly and to be able to carry it in your pocket. It is so small that you can fit it into your controller and the controller can be carried in your pocket. Talk about portability… this is quite awesome. The drone also has a pretty low price. It is under the $100 mark and it does have some good points, but of course it also has some bad points.
JetJat Ultra Micro Drone

Not for Racing

You will rarely find such a drone and you can carry it with you wherever you go, but of course, it has to do some sacrifices for the price it has and for the size. It has a decent speed and it has a decent flight time, but the batteries aren’t replaceable and you have to charge it for 25 minutes.

So if you want to do multiple races, it will probably deplete its battery fast. The camera is HQ (not HD) and it is decent for random pictures but if you want to go for a race, you will find out that it could be better. Because of the angle the camera is put at, you can’t see the obstacle properly and you will mostly see the ground instead of what’s in your front.
JetJat Ultra Drone Features
So if you want to race with this drone, you will be disappointed. Otherwise it is a good drone for having fun and for sharing it with your friends or family. You can take it on trips to do some nice shots and you can experience what the drone sees through Wi-Fi FPV.

A Hobby

The drone can fly around 5 minutes on each charge and then you have to charge it again for 25 minutes. So 5 minutes is enough to have a quick fun and laugh. It is not made for flying it outside, but it can be used outside too if you want. If the wind blows too hard, you will not have a good experience. So indoors is the way to go or in your backyard. If you have a battery bank though, it should be able to charge and that is good enough.
JetJat Ultra Black Controller

VR Experience

There is the possibility to buy a VR headset and try it with this drone, but I don’t know if that’s a good idea. VR headsets are known to give some head aches or to cause motion sickness.
Since the JetJat Ultra has a camera that can’t shoot in Full HD, the probability to get motion sickness is greatly increased. After a few minutes you will probably want to get it off your head
as soon as possible.


The JetJat Ultra Micro Drone is made just for having fun with it. It has all the basic functionalities a drone should have, it lasts enough to have a good laugh and it is very tiny. Take it to your friends or family and get all the benefits it has to offer.
JetJat Ultra Drone Package

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