Home Drones JJRC H12W WIFI RC Drone With Camera

JJRC H12W WIFI RC Drone With Camera

JJRC H12W WIFI RC Drone With Camera

JJRC H12W WIFI RC Drone With Camera – Best Toy Quadcopter?

The JJRC H12W WIFI RC Drone is toy quadcopter that is well suited for beginners and it is one of the best toy quadcopter on the market. It is well balanced and it comes at a reasonable price. So if you’re a beginner, you might be interested in buying this drone because it’s cheap and it also has some good and useful features.JJRC H12W Drone and Controller

What’s so good?

Well, this drone is quite versatile and it is being considered a toy. It is an FPV drone, so you can see what the drone is seeing through your smartphone. The control range of this thing is quite awesome. It can be controlled even at around 300 meters, which is quite a feat for a tiny toy drone.
JJRC H12W Drone from top
The drone also has a micro-SD card reader so you can store all your footage quickly and then transfer it to your laptop or PC as fast.

What’s bad?

Well, if you are picky, you might find a lot of things that aren’t so great. But if you consider that it is a toy drone, you can’t find so many bad things to say about it. The main problem would be that the live video does sometimes have a slight delay in transmission and that can be annoying. But other than that, it performs pretty decent in every case.


JJRC was always good with control range, so it is nice to see that this drone is also good with the range. The average drone has a control distance of 100 meters. The H12W can go up to 300 meters, so it is three times more reliable.
JJRC H12W Drone Led Lights
A slight disadvantage might be the fact that the battery can only sustain it for around 7-8 minutes. So you will have some short flights and then a lot of charging. But hey, the average toy drones last only 4-5 minutes and have a poor camera and they don’t have this quality. So I think this still is pretty good.
Real time video JJRC H12W Drone
The camera is a 2MP HD camera that is enough for its purpose. Enough quality to give you an enjoyable view and also enough to keep your head aches and the tummy aches away.


JJRC H12W WIFI RC Drone Box and Box Content

The JJRC H12W WIFI RC Drone is a good quadcopter and it holds its ground well. You can buy it as a gift for your friends or family, or you can use it for yourself. Either way, you can’t go wrong with JJRC because they are known for their good toy drones. So don’t worry if you’re not sure if this would be a good choice or not, there are a lot of toy drones on the market and they all promise many things. Going for the more reliable brands is always a good choice.

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