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Top 10 Budget Drones 2017

Budget Drones 2017

Budget Drones 2017 Low Cost Drones Out There On The Market

Budget drones are a very good choice when you want to start your “drone adventure” and we’ve decided to make a Top 10 Budget Drones 2017 list of the best low cost drones out there on the market

10. JXD 509W

JXD 509W

This is a relatively cheap drone with nice features that is really easy to control, especially if you’re a beginner, you will have no trouble with it. It’s made out of elastic plastic which means it can survive most of the crashes without any problems. This drone also has an Automatic Landing mode, Headless Mode, a 0.3MP camera, a quite long lasting battery (6 minutes of flight time).

9. Syma X8C the new version

This drone has a very stable flight thanks to the 6 axis flight control system with gyro sensitivity. It has small power consumption and you can fly this drone for up to 12 minutes. The good part of this drone is that you can fly it at night too since it is equipped with LED lights.

8. Parrot AR Drone 2.0

Now this one is one of the coolest drones on the market. It has a special design that protects the drone’s propellers from breaking if it crashes into something. It comes with an HD camera and really good sensors for the most stable flight you have ever encountered. The flight time is of 10 minutes abd you can control this drone through your smartphone (android and iOS)

Heli-Max 1SQ

7. Heli-Max 1SQ

The Heli-Max 1SQ is a relatively stable drone that can take videos and still photos. This drone is suited for flying it both indoors and outdoors and thanks to its LED lights, you can also use it at night. It has quite a long lasting battery and it’s pretty resistant to crashes as well.

6. Foxnovo Hubsan X4 H107C

Equipped with a 6 axis flight control system and adjustable gyroscope, this drone has an increased stability. The lightweight drone has a quite good camera that takes quality photos which you can store on the SDHC card. With a flight time of 7 minutes, you will definitely enjoy this nice drone.

5. U45 Blue Jay WiFi FPV Drone

An amazing lightweight drone, equipped with a 720p HD camera and a first person view with headset compatibility, is on the fifth place on our list – and it deserves its place. This drone is very well suited for beginners thanks to the stability of its flight and you can have a lot of fun with it because the battery is quite long lasting. The only problem is, it takes long for the battery to charge and you would want to fly more this drone.

4th Budget Drones 2017 U28W Wifi FPV Drone

4. U28W Wifi FPV Drone

On the fourth place we have a drone that can reach fast speeds in just a few seconds. You can take really beautiful photos with this drone thanks to its HD camera and you can store it on the 4 GB micro SD card. The main feature is that you can double your flight time with an extra battery which is pretty much what everyone wants the most – a long flight time.

3. Blade Nano QX RTF Quadcopter

This is a really small quadcopter you can fly indoors as well and thanks to the SAFE technology this drone is really stable and. Let’s say, if you get into “trouble” you can just let go of the sticks. It has blade guards for extra protection and to make it more resistant to crashes. It’s perfect for a person that uses a drone for the first time.

2. MJX X400W FPV

You can connect this drone to you phone to get a first person view. With the latest 6 axis gyro technology, its stability has been increased by a lot and it can take better pictures and you can also finish the 3D roll with just one key. Very easy to use and well suited for beginners.

Budget Drones 2017 Focus FPV Drone with HD Camera

1. Focus FPV Drone with HD Camera

The champion of our Budget Drones 2017 list is the Focus FPV Drone with HD Camera. This is a very compact drone that can automatically detect its location. There is no need of positioning before flying, plus the return Home button brings it right back to you. The camera is equipped with a fish lens for a wider view of your flight and it can take HD aerial photos and videos. Battery life is for 8 minutes and thanks to its increased stability, this drone is recommended both for beginners and advanced users.

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