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JJRC H9D quadcopter with camera

JJRC H9D quadcopter with camera

JJRC H9D quadcopter Best Drone From The JJRC Manufacturers?

JJRC H9D quadcopter is one of the best products from the JJRC manufacturers and the price of the drone makes it even more special. This multifunctional device is mean to be used both indoors and outdoors. The operations are very accurate and the flying is very stable, so you can use this even as a beginner.
JJRC H9D quadcopter
The producers of this model added a HD camera on this drone, not some low quality 0.3 MP camera that you can get for this price. It’s all about quality honestly. The video camera has a lower quality and doesn’t record in HD, but more people are taking photos with the drones instead of fliming, right?
JJRC H9D quadcopter From Top

JJRC H9D quadcopter Specification list:

  • 4CH remote control with LCD screen
  • Frequency 2.4 GHz
  • Integrated speed control
  • 6 axis gyro
  • HD camera
  • First person view
  • Weight: 450g

These are some of the specifications of the drone, but there is way more to discover while using it. The battery is quite strong and it provides a flying time of about 5 to 8 minutes which is quite good. We don’t know for sure how long does it take for the battery to charge, but we assume it’s somewhere around 1 hour and a half.
JJRC H9D quadcopter Controller

The package includes:

  • The quadcopter
  • Transmitter with FPV display
  • 625mAh Li-Po battery
  • USB battery charger
  • 4 packs of extra propellers
  • One screwdriver
  • User manual

There it is the JJRC H9D quadcopter, a very compact and good drone made out of quality material. The best part comes at last, this drone costs only $67! A small price, for such a quality. You can acquire this drone online and for such a small price, it’s worth it. Try it now and you will have the best smile experience.

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