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Top Mini Drones – Cheap Mini-Quadcopters

Mini-Quadcopters and mini-drones alike have become very popular and it is for good reason. They are very practical because of their compact dimensions and because of their low weight. This allows them to be ready for fun at any given time.
Also, the price of these flying “robots” is very good and cost-effective in general, which means it is an even better bargain, since it won’t cost much to replace it in case of some accidents that lead to the breaking of the drone. We took a look into the current mini-drones that are on the market and we have made a list of the Top Mini Drones models in order to help you decide which one to buy.

The Gyro On Mini-Drones

In order to make a mini-drone at a low price, there are some compromises that need to be made. That means that features a like a GPS module and other types of sensors might be missing. So that’s a reason why most of these drones are called toys.

That being said, in most cases a drone should have at least an integrated gyroscope in order to help to control the drone better and it is also better for beginners, since these mini-drones are aimed at beginners.

Because of the size, these mini drones are usually well suited for indoor flight. So that makes them perfect for family fun, or for some office fun in the free time, or you can just show-off to your friends. When you are buying a mini-drone, you should consider the size, flight time, flight range, price and of course other special functions.

The Pros and Cons of Mini-Quads

Of course, the price and compactness of the mini-quads are a big plus, it allows you to take them practically anywhere and the drone is usually ready to fly. The maximum range of mini and nano-quads can vary from 30 to 100 meters, That shouldn’t normally be enough for a drone, but since these are designed for indoor flight mostly where the space can be between 20 to 50 meters more or less, then it isn’t that bad.

Another con would be the fact that batteries don’t last that much. The average flight time is around 5 to 10 minutes because of the small size. They can’t pack a bigger battery since that would mean to make the mini-quad bigger. So it is a good practice to think ahead and buy multiple spare batteries in order to enjoy your experience for more than 5-10 minutes.

A good thing is that most of the batteries can be charged in about 1 hour via USB cable. And lastly, you should keep in mind that most of these mini-quads are sensible to wind, so try to analyze the weather before trying to fly one outside.

Key Features

Because of the fact that the drone is very small, it can do more impressive stunts. So in general, they have awesome features like the 360-degree flip and somersaults with the push of a button. Some models are even equipped with a Headless Mode in order to make beginners get the hang of flying drones faster. The directions remain the same whether the drone has rotated or not.
Mini Drones 360 degree flip
A camera is usually overlooked on these mini-drones, but they can provide a look into the world of drone shooting. So you should pay attention to this also, it never hurts to get a model that has a camera.

Age Restriction

Pay attention to this if you want to gift a drone to someone. Most mini-quads have an age restriction of 14 years. If you gift one to someone who’s under 14, it might result into some legal issues and that’s the last thing you would want.
Mini Drones Age Restriction

Top Mini Drones – 8 Best Mini Drones List:

8. Skeye Pico Drone

Skeye Pico Drone
Skeye Pico Drone is so small, that you can grab it with two fingers. It is pretty agile and it can do some nice tricks. It can be stored right into the Remote Control.Price: $45.

7. Hubsan X4 H107C Micro Quad

Hubsan X4 H107C Quadcopter 0.3 MP Camera 2.4GHz
Hubsan is a well known company and it does a pretty good job when it comes to drones. Hubsan X4 H107C has been listed many times as one of the best and it is very good for learning to fly a drone. This model also comes with a neat camera. Maybe not the best camera, but it does it’s job.It costs around $36.

6. Cheerwing CHEER X2 Pocket Drone

Cheerwing CHEER X2 Pocket Drone
Another drone that can be stored in it’s Remote Controller. This is designed to be put in your pocket. You can even remove the thumbsticks for ease of transport.
Cheerwing CHEER X2 Pocket Drone Package
It costs around $20, so it is easily replaceable and it lasts around 7 minutes in the air. It has a 6-axis gyro so if you want you can throw-launch it and it has a headless mode feature.

5. Coocheer JJRC H18 Hexacopter

Coocheer JJRC H18 Hexacopter
Coocheer JJRC H18 Hexacopter is pretty rare. Quadcopters are cool, but hexacopters can be even better. It is more stable and it can be faster than most quads. It is true that it is a little bigger than a nano-quadcopter, but it can still fit in your palms.
Coocheer JJRC H18 Hexacopter Package
It has a flight time of about 5-6 minutes and it takes 40 minutes to charge.Price: $20.

4. MJX x901 Quadcopter

MJX x901 Quadcopter
The MJX is pretty similar to the previous hexacopter and it has the same good points. It costs $27 and it has a 3D flip feature with LED lights.
MJX x901 Quadcopter Led Lights

3. Blade Nano QX Quadcopter

Blade Nano QX Quadcopter
I don’t know about you, but this nano-drone looks very futuristic to me and it is quite slim. The main good thing about this drone is the safety. It has a SAFE tech that can improve the drone’s stability and the agility. It is also quite durable and it has prop guards. So this nano-drone can be one of the safest nano-drones you can buy for beginners.

2. Ctronics Quadcopter Drone With HD Camera

Ctronics Quadcopter Drone With HD Camera
This quadcopter has a 6-axis gyro system and of course, as the name says, it has an HD Camera that can be a big plus for some people. It has an impressive 8-10 minutes of flight time, so you can take your time.Price: $50.

1. ELEFIE Pocket Selfie Drone

ELEFIE Pocket Selfie Drone
ELEFIE Pocket Selfie Drone is a very portable drone and it is meant to be taken everywhere you go. A neat features that you can’t see in most minidrones is the FPV camera. You can do a lot of nice pictures and it has live video for the application. So if you want a portable quad with headless mode and a camera, then this might be a good choice for you. Price:$41.


There are many drones of all shapes or sizes. The mini drones can be very useful for more active people. People who get out a lot and want to let some steam off if needed. This Top Mini Drones are also good as a gift, it can really bring life to a party and lighten someone’s day. Also if you are a beginner, a mini-drone might be the best option since they are pretty cheap in most cases and if you want, you can find one with many functionalities.

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