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JJRC H43WH Foldable Selfie Drone

JJRC H43WH Foldable Selfie Drone

JJRC H43WH Foldable Selfie Drone

The JJRC H43WH as the title says is a foldable selfie drone. At around $38 you will get a decent overall drone that is capable of doing nice selfies for you and it has many good features. As time passes, it seems that drones get cheaper and better. Which is a very good thing for beginners, but for people who use drones for they hobbies also.
JJRC H43WH Foldable Drone From Top


The first thing that pops to my mind is that the design of this drone is amazing. I like the color a lot and the edgy look suits my vision of how a drone should look. And of course, the other great thing is that the drone can be folded. So you can take it with you way easier than a normal drone.


The flying on this drone is quite awesome. If you look some aerial tricks and other great functionalities, then I think this will please you too. The drone also has some prop guards in order to shield the propellers from many crashes. Overall the flight experience is nice and you can actually do some nice tricks with it and it has smooth controls.

The drone has an integrated barometer and some sensors that can make it keep its height and position independently. It can perform 360 degrees flips with just one touch of a key. You can also fly the drone at different speeds, so you won’t get it out of control. Another nice feature is that it can automatically follow the way you move your smartphone thanks to the G-sensor.
JJRC H43WH Drone Features


The drone has a 720p HD camera that can be used in order to make selfies, but also for making videos. The selfie camera has a “beautify” feature, so you can automatically enhance your photos with no extra edits. For a $35 drone, the camera has a pretty good quality, so I think this is a big plus for drones like these.
JJRC H43WH 720p Camera


The battery has 500mAh and it can provide a flight time of around 6 minutes. So I would recommend buying some extra batteries so you can use the drone for more than 6 minutes. If you want to recharge it, you will have to wait around 45 minutes for it to be fully recharged.
JJRC H43WH Drone Weight

FPV and Software

The drone can also be used from an FPV perspective, but you have to download the app. The app works on Android and iOS and the video feed is transmitted via WiFi.


JJRC H43WH Foldable Drone Dimensions
The JJRC H43WH is a very good affordable drone. For those on a budget, it offers a lot of features and it costs only around $35. So if you’re a beginner, or you just want a drone that can take decent pictures, then this could be the perfect drone for you.

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