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Top Drones With The Best Flight Times Of 2017

Top Drones With The Best Flight Times Of 2017

Top Drones With The Best Flight Times Of 2017

Have you ever wondered which are the Top Drones with the Best Flight Times Of 2017? Well look no further, here we have a detailed list of which drones are the best when it comes to their flight time! Usually drone lovers want their drone to fly as much as possible, because they can take a lot of photos and record many breath taking videos. If you are a new drone fan and don’t really know which drone flies the most, then check out these 10 drones, you might find one of them suitable for your budget and maybe purchase it real soon!

1. Blade Chroma Quadcopter Drone

This is the first drone on the list. This drone features a good camera that takes clear photos. It can also fly very smoothly and you have 30 minutes of flight time with this drone. Another good thing about this drone is that it has a compact design and if you’re the travelling type, you can carry it around quite easily. The price of this drone is $380, it’s not expensive and it promises quality!

2. DJI Phantom 4 Professional

DJI phantom 4 pro package
This one is more on the pricier side. The Phantom 4 Professional comes with a 20MP camera that shoots the best photos and can record Ultra HD videos as well. This drone can fly for 30 minutes just as the previous one, but it’s much faster and it can cost quite a lot.

3. DJI Phantom 4

DJI Phantom 4 Best Quadcopter with camera
Another cool drone on the list is the DJI Phantom 4. It’s the previous version of the Phantom 4 Professional, but its features are about the same. The Phantom 4 Professional is a little bit upgrated, but let’s see the difference. First, the flight time for this drone is of 28 minutes. It has a 12MP camera that can record 4k videos and take very clear and beautiful photos. The price is a bit lower than its successor’s, but it’s still quite pricey.

4. DJI Mavic Pro

DJIs Mavic Pro Quadcopter
A foldable drone like the Mavic Pro is something you should have, especially if you’re a traveller. This drone can fly up to 27 minutes and it can record 4k videos with the 12MP camera. It can reach a speed of 40mph, but don’t use it as a race drone, it’s not made for racing. This drone will allow anyone to take professional looking photos even if you have no experience.

Price: $1000.

5. Parrot Bebop 2

Parrot Bebop 2 FPV Pack
The Parrot Bebop 2 is a compact drone that can fit easily in your backpack. It’s the ideal travel drone for those who are most of the time on the go. With the improved flight stability, this drone is perfect for flying indoors as well, so you can use your drone even on a stormy day. The flight time of this drone is of 25 minutes, which is considered a pretty long time. It’s easy to control and very resistant and for that price, I believe it’s a good drone for a beginner or inexperienced user as well.

Price: $300.

6. 3DR Solo

3DR Solo Drone Solo Quadcopter
This is the perfect drone if you’ve never flown a drone in your life. It features an intuitive and easy to use control system that makes even children able to control this drone easily. Another good thing is its camera that can take professional looking photos and videos each time you use it. It’s also pretty resistant to make sure it doesn’t get broken when it drops or whatever crashes might occur. And the best part to the last, the drone features a flight time of 22 minutes!!

Price: $500.

7. Yuneec Typhoon H

Yuneec Typhoon H Hexacopter Review
This drone is a bit special because it’s a hexacopter, which means it has 6 blades. These blades are providing the drone with a more powerful lift from the ground; it’s easier to get it in the air. It comes with a 360 degree 12MP camera that can take easier photos in all angles and that can record 4K videos. It features a flight time of 22 minutes.

Price: $1000.

8. Hubsan H501S FPV Quadcopter

Hubsan H501S X4 FPV Quadcopter Review
The quadcopter that’s on the 8 th place on our list belongs to the well-known brand Hubsan. The H501S comes with a powerful 1080p camera that takes brilliant photos. This drone has various features such as: GPS hold, headless mode and a return to home key that might come in handy if you’re not an experienced user. It can also fly for 19 minutes, so it’ll give you time to explore the skies and take some mesmerizing photos.

Price: $230.

9. UPair One with 4K Camera

The UPair One is the perfect drone when it comes to photography. It shoots videos in 4K with bright and intense colours and it can take the most beautiful photos a drone could ever take. It’s quite an advanced drone for its price range and not only that, but it features also 18 minutes of flight time. It provides you with so much time to take photos and record videos of everything you like.

10. Holy Stone F180C

Holy Stone F180C best quadcopter for only $60
The last one on our list is the Holy Stone F180C. It comes with a standard HD camera that is able to take photos and record videos. The controller featured a LED screen which is quite big and viewing where your drone is heading. The flight time on this drone is for about 15 minutes, but I believe for less than $100, this is a good drone to have around and experiment with.

Impressed by any drone?

Then buy it right away! You can experiment with your new drone a bit. I know in this list there isn’t any mini drones mentioned, that’s because most of the mini drones have a short flight time, but if you’re a mini drone lover, you can check anytime the top mini drones that are available on the market, you might find one you really love!

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