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Robolink CoDrone Lite Programmable Drone Review


Are you looking for an amazing drone that can help you understand the basics of programming? Then, your search might stop here because the Robolink CoDrone Lite Programmable Drone is the one for you. 

Robolink CoDrone is a great aerial drone built kit that teaches programming skills via visual data flow programming. It is recommended for children with age 10 and more, offering the opportunity to manipulate elements of code graphically. More than that, the drone comes along with a large number of accessories and extra components that will perfectly come in hand for its user in the future. 

If this drone already captured your attention and made you curious about it, then you should read this article until the end. We are going to present every important aspect of it, in order to offer you a better understanding of its functionality.


  • Flight Range: 160 ft
  • IR Sensors 
  • Flight time: 8 minutes 
  • Battery Charge: 40 minutes 
  • Barometer Sensor: Assists with altitude control 
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Gyroscope: 3-axis gyroscope 
  • 3-axis Accelerometer for altitude control
  • Weight: 37 grams


You will get the Robolink CoDrone Lite Programmable Drone in its beautiful branded box. Along with the CoDrone you will find a LiPo Battery, extra propellers, the Bluetooth BLE Module, the USB Cable, and the Battery Charger. These accessories represent everything you will in order to set up the drone and enjoy the flight experience. 


Design and Built-in 

When it comes to the Robolink CoDrone Lite Programmable Drone’s design, we can say that it looks amazing. When you look at it from the front you can see the two red LED eyes, that offer it an angry look. Its design is pretty similar to the popular UDI U27 Quadcopter

It is a small size square drone, measuring only 133 x 133 mm and it weighs just 37 grams. By knowing that, you should pay attention when you are flying it outside in windy conditions. It has a beautiful black color with some small touches of orange and red color. The drone’s rotor arms and props are well protected by its propeller guards. 

Battery and Flight Time

The Robolink CoDrone Lite Programmable Drone is power by 1 Lipo Battery that also comes along with it. The battery will offer you a continuous flight time of around 8 minutes. It is a good flight time taking into account its price range.

In order to fully charge the drone’s battery, it will take 40 minutes. Also, if you are interested in getting a longer flight experience, you should opt-in for purchasing a second battery. Having a second battery can help you enjoy your flight experience more, doubling up the drone’s flight time. 

What Makes CoDrone Special


The main thing that makes this drone so special is that it offers the ability to program it. In order to learn how to program it, you can access the Robolinks website. On the website, you will find 13 free step by step coding tutorials that will teach you everything. 

In order to program the drone using movement commands, you will also have to download the drone’s app. It is available on the Robolink website. The app has a user-friendly interface, designed to teach even the unexperienced drone programmers. 

Once you finish all the lessons the website will offer you seven challenges that you will have to complete using the CoDrone. The greatest thing about this drone is that it will improve the user’s task solving skills. More than that, the users get the chance to improve and develop their programming skills and their logical thinking as well.

Flight Experience

The Robolink CoDrone Lite Programmable Drone offers a great flight experience, being very easy to control. The drone can be controlled from a distance of around 160 ft. it is a great flight range, making it a great competitor for the other drones available on the market at a similar price. 

It is a perfect drone for indoor flying, which will offer you lots of fun. You can also fly the drone outside but you will have to make sure that the weather conditions are propper. Having a light weight it can be easily blown away by the strong winds. 


To sum up, taking into consideration everything presented above, the Robolink CoDrone Lite Programmable Drone is an amazing drone. Whether you are purchasing it for yourself or as a gift, this drone will not disappoint you. 

Being a programmable drone offers it a great competitive advantage from the other drone’s on the market, being the main thing that makes it special. Another important aspect of this drone is that it comes at an affordable price, making it a great deal. 

If you want to purchase this impressive drone you can find it at a good price on Amazon.


Question: Does this drone has camera in it?

Answer: No

Question: Can you program it using scratch

Answer: Yes, CoDrone Lite use program called Blockly which is variation of scratch. (It will be hard to tell the difference between those two)

You can use Blockly on Chrome Browser which is compatible with PC, Mac, Linux, and Chromebook.

Question: Can it be programed to follow?, and return to a signal location?

Answer: Program to follow nor return to a signal location will be a bit tough to complete, but you are more than welcome to try it.

Question: Is this drone compatible with a Linux computer?

Answer: Yes, you can use this drone with Linux computers

Question: Can this be programmed with a text-based language, such as Python?

Answer: Yes, you can use Python to program CoDrone lite.

Question: What age level is this made for?

Answer: It’s for Age 10+

Question: Is there a windows app to control this?

Answer: It works with Windows OS using Chrome App, but there’s no Windows app for it.

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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robolink-codrone-lite-programmable-drone-review Are you looking for an amazing drone that can help you understand the basics of programming? Then, your search might stop here because the Robolink CoDrone Lite Programmable Drone is the one for you.  Robolink CoDrone is a great aerial drone built kit that teaches...


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