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Blade Zeyrok Drone BNF RC Quadcopter

Blade Zeyrok Drone BNF RC Quadcopter

Blade Zeyrok Drone BNF RC Quadcopter

If you’re looking for a quadcopter that’s for beginners, then the Zeyrok quadcopter is a perfect choice. Blade Zeyrok Drone BNF RC Quadcopter has multiple flight modes, giving the user the possibility to start from the ground up.Zeyrok Drone BNF with Safe Technology

You have the Stability mode that locks pitch and roll limits while self-leveling the airframe; the Stability mode, that allows you to flip 360° by moving the control stick to full. And the Agility mode, if you’re looking for high performance that will take your skills to the next level.

The flight time is quite long for a drone and it reaches up to 10 minutes, thanks to the 750 mAh 1S Li-Po flight battery.

Zeyrok Drone BNF with Safe Technology

With a length of 7.87 inches and a width of 8.66 inches, the Zeyrok quadcopter is the ideal drone for new pilots and anyone who wants a fun flying experience.

The drone features exclusive SAFE technology, a revolutionary protection system that’s custom tuned with intuitive flight modes which help any user fly the drone with confidence.

The quadcopter is available in the colors yellow and green with a very durable airframe made from industrial engineered plastic. This airframe is so durable it can withstand a very high level of abuse.

The illumination system makes the drone easily recognizable and perfect for a flight during the night. The LED lights change to indicate camera operation or low battery status.

Zeyrok Drone BNF Quadcopter Features:

  • It comes fully assembles
  • The SAFE technology makes flying easier
  • It’s incredibly durable with lightweight unibody airframe
  • Maintenance free enclosed rotor drive system that features carbon-fiber motor shafts
  • LED orientation light that has status indication
  • A multi-function transmitter Spektrum DSMX technology
  • 720p/1.3Mp remote control camera
  • 4GB micro SD memory card that is easy to remove

The Blade Zeyrok Drone BNF RC Quadcopter is the drone any beginner would want. It can be found in online stores at the reasonable price of $80.Zeyrok Drone BNF RC Quadcopter Package

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