Parrot Jumping Sumo Mini-Drone

    Parrot Jumping Sumo Mini-Drone

    Parrot Jumping Sumo Mini-Drone

    Parrot Jumping Sumo Mini-Drone Box
    The Parrot Jumping Sumo Mini-Drone is a fun rover, with two wheels and a camera that streams a first person view for piloting only by using a smartphone or a tablet. The camera can also take low resolution photos. It has a spring-loaded tail that connects via Wi-Fi and it creats its own Wi-Fi network to which you connect your smartphone or tablet.

    Parrot Jumping Sumo Mini-Drone Battery

    Parrot Jumping Features
    Charging the drone’s battery with a standard micro USB socket will take approximately 1.5 hours and the battery’s life is about 20 minutes. It is advised to buy an additional battery or have a portable charger since the battery life is quite short. The drone is also able to record videos, but only with a flash drive inserted into it. This means, you will have to find a micro USB stick and you can’t find it anywhere.

    Freeflight 3 app

    Controlling Parrot Jumping Sumo
    Controlling the Sumo is quite straightforward. The app itself is a virtual joystick that can move the drone forward and backward. To turn it you just have to tilt the smartphone and it also can perform various tricks. Everything is controlled through the Freeflight 3 app. A selection of the pre-programmed stunts can be found under one of the menus, while a helpful battery level indicator is shown in the right bottom of the screen.

    Although it is capable of jumping 80 cm, it’s not indicated to let it fall from such a height. Falling from a maximum of 40 cm is recommended so it will not get damaged or broken. The Jumping Sumo has three modes of operation. The first is the standard mode with the camera facing forward, the “kick” mode allows the Sumo to kick objects and the third mode is “self-balancing”, designed to go over uneven terrain.


    The Parrot Jumping Sumo Mini-Drone is a fun drone to have and it is also easy to be controlled. This drone costs between $100-$150.

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