Kyosho Quattro X RTF Mini Quadcopter

    Kyosho Quattro X RTF Mini Quadcopter

    Kyosho Quattro X RTF Mini Quadcopter Beginners Drone

    The Kyosho Quattro X RTF Mini Quadcopter is the world’s smallest quadcopter that features a six axis gyro and it delivers an ultra stable flight. This drone is ideal for beginners and it has a removable rotor guard, a spare set of propellers. The drone can be used for flying bot inside and outside and it gives the user the possibility to flip the quadcopter using a single button.
    Kyosho Quattro X Quadcopter Beginners Drone
    The drone has a length of approx. 72mm and a width of approx. 66mm being suitable for children above 15 years that aren’t skilled in flyinf a drone.

    Kyosho Quattro X RTF Mini Quadcopter features:

    • Fast flip air rotation by touching only a button
    • Ideal for beginners having a stylish removable rotor guard
    • Can be charged from the transmitter using the USB charger
    • LED lights for recognizing the drone at night
    • Allows other 10 units to be flown together

    The quadcopter’s skill level 1 because it is made for beginners who want to start their drone flying experience. This drone is quite stable and the flight time is reasonable. To start it you will need four AAA batteries for the transmitter and you can compete with your family and friend by connecting up to 10 other units.
    Kyosho Quattro X
    It has quite a good speed and the airframe is resistant, surviving crashes against walls if flown inside or crashes from dropping from the air if flown outside. The Kyosho Quattro X RTF Mini Quadcopter is available in different colors from the price of $30. This could be a nice gift for your children or for a friend who is interested in flying drones.
    Kyosho Quattro X Box
    Even though it is the world’s smallest quadcopter it is very stable and it can fly to a quite high altitude. The LED lights allow the user to fly the drone at night as well and thanks to those lights, you can see where you’re heading to and where your quadcopter is.

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