Best Drone Apps for Drone Pilots

    Best Drone Apps for Drone Pilots

    Best Drone Apps For People That Use Drones

    Since there are so many drones nowadays, app developers have been releasing many drone apps in order to help people that use drones. There are quite a few things that can help you, like the weather status, correct image distortion, where you can fly and where you can not and you can even find out where the best light is at a certain location. So let’s see what apps you can download, either free or for money.

    1. UAV Forecast

    This is a free app and it is quite useful in before planning any drone expedition. Depending on your drone this might be very important. You can see some numbers on the local wind speeds, the chance of rain, visibility, cloud cover and local temperatures.

    UAV Forecast drone app

    2. Hover

    This is another free app that does most of the things the previous app does, but it has some extra features and it looks completely different, being one of the best drone apps.

    It allows you to store information related to your flights, just like a log. You can enter the locations of your flights, the duration of the flight, how much of the battery has been drained and many more. After that, the app will generate a report and then you can send it to your email if you want.

    Also, you have a really neat No-Fly Zone Map, which will help you know if you are allowed to fly your drone in a certain area or not.

    3. Google Earth

    While it isn’t an app especially designed for drone users, it can be a very good way to survey the area you want to fly around. The way that the app works allows you to see from a very good perspective how friendly is the zone you want to fly through. So if you have a phone, this may be the easiest way to check the zone before flying your precious drone.

    Google Earth drone app

    4. SKRWT

    This is an app that costs $1.99 but it can be very useful if you take a lot of pictures and you’re not satisfied with them because of the distortion that tends to appear when taking photos with your drone.

    Depending on the camera you use, you can select it and it will try to readjust the image depending on what camera you have. You can do it manually, by pulling the center closer or farther away and that is quite helpful.

    5. Autopilot

    Now this is a more expensive app. It costs $29.99, but it can be worth your money depending on what you want to do with your drone. It allows you to make the drone fly in a certain sequence that is not that easy to do manually, or it even is impossible to do it manually.

    Autopilot drone app

    So basically you have a Custom Flight planner that can make your drone fly automatically. If you have some neat shots in mind, but you can’t take them because they are very difficult to do manually, then Autopilot is the answer. You also get reliable flight patterns, so you can’t mess up the drone flying sequence.


    There is an app for everything nowadays, you just need to look for it and I’m pretty sure that many more apps will follow. The usefulness of these apps cannot be denied and I hope this short list has helped you.

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