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Ehang Ghost Drone 2.0 Avatar


Ehang Ghost Drone 2.0 Avatar

We talked a lot about quadcopters that can be suitable for beginners, so let’s give a little space for the ones with experience through this article. The Ehang Ghost Drone 2.0 is a professional quadcopter with a lot of improvements.

First of all, its power system is stronger, and the propellers provides more stability in the air. Also, the smart battery allows up to 25 minutes of flying time. You can be aware of the situation regarding the battery life through the LED screen that shows the percentage of battery left.

The GPS system of the Ehang Ghost Drone 2.0 and the processing power are upgraded. The maximum flight speed can reach 35 km/h in GPS mode and 60 km/h in manual mode. Also, the camera quality is really good, having up to 3840×2160 video resolution and 12MP photo resolution.

Ehang Ghost Drone 2.0 Avatar Features

  • 4K UHD camera (3840 X 2160);
  • 3 axis brushless gimbal;
  • Complete first person view system;
  • Avatar tilt control;
  • Head-tracking goggle;
  • Around 25 minutes flight autonomy;
  • Max flight speed: 35km/h with GPS mode and up to 60km/h in manual mode;
  • G-box communication: Bluetooth + Wi-Fi + 2.4 GHz Wireless data transmission;
  • Smart 4500mAh 14.8V Li-Po battery.

At the moment, we don’t have details regarding the package content.

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