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Yuneec Unveils Compact Ultra HD Flying Camera

Yuneec Unveils Compact Ultra HD Flying Camera

Controlled by Mobile Device, including the ability of autonomous flight and instant sharing on Social Media, The Breeze is well worth looking.

The world leader when it comes to electric aviation, Yuneec International just announced their new drone, The Breeze, which is controlled by Mobile Device, has up to five easy to use flight modes and is capable of instant sharing on social media websites. This makes The Breeze the ultimate flying camera.

Yuneec Breeze

The Breeze is designed to take aerial photos with ultra high resolution as well as videos. Its light weight means that is very easy to transport. You can fly it both indoors and outdoors. You can download on your Android or iOS device the “Breeze Cam” app that features five automated flight modes and will help you achieve very easily your perfect shot. The app also lets users share their videos and photos instantly on social media websites: Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp.

Yuneec Permit Quadcopter

Tian Yu, the chief executive office at Yuneec International said: “With the popularity of selfies at an all-time high, we set out to create the ultimate, user-friendly flying camera which allows people to take their photos to new heights. The Breeze includes the Ultra HD and flight mode capabilities of our top end drones, and because of its size and ease of use, the Breeze seamlessly integrates into just about any activity, whether it’s a first time outdoor adventure or yearly gathering with friends and family.”

The Yuneec’s product lineup keeps expanding, creating new ideas and new aerial possibilities to appeal more consumers. The Breeze welcomes the beginner flyers too as it’s very easy to maneuver, it appeals to intermediate and veteran drone users too and by doing this it still delivers a pleasant experience and provides creative solutions to consumers who are willing to capture unique events of their daily lives.yuneec unveils compact

You can check out Tornado professional and the Typhoon enthusiast platforms, two of the many Yuneec’s creative aerial solutions. You can also check Yuneec’s headset, the SkyView FPV headset which is compatible with the Typhoon H and the Tornado H920. One other cool gadget from Yuneec is the E-Go 2, which is an electric skateboard made for fun and efficient transportation.

Check out the Yuneec Breeze by just Amazon.

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