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Wirelessly powered quadrotor

Wirelessly powered quadrotor

Wirelessly powered quadrotor

Dr. Samar Aldahaher, a researcher from Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, has released a video on youtube, where he presents a quadrotor without battery, which is wirelessly powered.

This is a very good technology and I’m waiting very much to be integrated in other devices( not just in drones ). This technology was integrated on smartphones, but is not the same thing, because drones need to be charged from a big distance and this will be possible just with focused electromagnetic fields or with a new technology.Wirelessly powered quadrotor News

Don’t expect to see very soon drones with the capacity to be charging from wireless, because it is just the beginning of this technology. In the next time, probably the major problem with this tech will be how to make it function on big distances. But still it is a big step in this regard and I think that in a few years we will not need to buy batteries for our drones and that make me feel more hopeful.

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