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Tanky Drone Super Fast FPV Racing Quadcopter

tanky drone super fast fpv racing quadcopter
tanky drone super fast fpv racing quadcopter

Tanky Drone Super Fast FPV Racing Quadcopter Introduction

If you don’t know what FPV racing, then let me tell you the short story. FPV comes from First Person View. FPV racing means that you are controlling a drone and you can see what it sees on a screen. Using that information, you race with other drones in order to finish first.
tanky drone design
This is a new FPV Racing Quadcopter made with the help of crowdfunding and the main feature of this quad is the speed. Tanky drone can exceed 100 mph in testing at least and it might be the fastest FPV racing drone at the moment.

Tanky Drone Features:

  • FrSky Receiver
  • 2305 2600KV Motors Pushing 5045 Props
  • 30A Blazing Fast ESCs
  • 25/200mW 40Ch VTX
  • Remotely Tiltable CCD FPV Camera
  • Single Plate Carbon Fiber Skeleton
  • Durable Thermoplastic Skin
  • F4 Flight Controller with OSD

tanky drone features

General Info

Even if you are new to the drone racing scene, this quad can attract you in different ways. For example, the shape of the drone is a bit weird. It has an X-shaped frame, centralized mass and slim arms. These characteristics make it very aerodynamic efficient when it is racing.

Another thing that might attract you is the fact that the core components are protected by the material it is made from. It has a composite thermoplastic skin that makes it harder to break even if it crashes, especially because crashes are inevitable in FPV Racing. The Tanky Drone
comes in different colors and it weighs 281 grams without the battery. The performance is quite good, it is responsive, agile and really really fast.
tanky drone package
If you are a beginner, the speed of this drone might scare you a bit, but it is made for this purpose exactly – to attract newcomers. It has some safety measures in order to make it easier for newbies to get into FPV Racing. In the past, people have made their own custom drones in order to make them as fast as they want, or as agile as they want, but with the release of the Tanky Drone, things might change.

Unsure Release

The people that started the crowdfunding said that they need $150,000 in order to start producing the quad, but as of now, they only have around $50,000, so we will have to see if they will actually succeed in producing it. Fingers crossed, because it looks like a nice idea. The release should be in November 2016.


It is will probably be a pretty good and cheap quad and it could be worth buying. If you ever wanted to start FPV racing, then this could be your chance in order to do that, while having a lot of comfort, no need for building your own FPV racing drone.

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