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GPX Sky Rider Night Hawk Hexacopter New Drone

GPX Sky Rider Night Hawk Hexacopter

GPX Sky Rider Night Hawk Hexacopter

Ever wondered how a hexacopter works? Well here is one really good example, the new GPX Sky Rider Night Hawk Hexacopter. This drone promises to respond to vocal commands, do 360 degrees flips, stream videos and work with VR headsets.
Sky Rider Night Hawk Hexacopter

Let’s see the specifications of GPX Sky Rider Night Hawk Hexacopter:

From Top - GPX Sky Rider Night Hawk Hexacopter

  • It can perform 360° flips and do some tricks
  • It runs on 3 speeds: high, medium and low
  • Wifi camera
  • A 2.4GHz remote
  • It has a 4 channel direction control
  • Headless mode enabled
  • You can control distance up to 300 feet
  • LED lights
  • The rotors glow in the dark
  • You can take photos and record videos with a FPV free app
  • You can stream videos live to your smartphones or VR glasses
  • It has a voice activation app
  • You have a USB port to recharge the battery
  • Flying time is about 8 minutes
  • Charging time is 120 minutes

GPX Sky Rider Night Hawk Hexacopter Package:

  • A remote control that uses 4 AAA batteries which are not included
  • A phone holder
  • USB cable to charge
  • 6 replacement rotors
  • One screwdriver
  • 30 day limited warranty
  • And of course the user’s guide

Even though it is a voice controlled drone, it’s pretty easy to control it. You just have to save the voice commands you give the drone and that’s it. You don’t have to scream at it to make it move, just use the calm voice you used when you recorded the commands.

This is a really impressive drone that is easy to control and it is also very resistant. The most pleasing surprise is that this drone costs only $80 and it is available in the color black, which gives it a very elegant and classy look that will draw attention to anyone spotting it in the sky. Try it now and enjoy the flying experience with this amazing dorne.

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