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Dromida Vista 251mm Drone – Affordable Drone

Dromida Vista 251mm Drone - Affordable Drone

Dromida Vista 251mm Drone – Beginners Drone

Every beginner has a first experience with a simple quadcopter. Experience can be a good one if we choose wisely the best of these products. Dromida Vista 251mm Drone is a radio controlled quadcopter and meets these criteria because it is affordable and because it is very easy to use.
Dromida Vista 251mm Drone

Let’s start with a brief description:

  • Assembled drone with LED lights and modern 3+3 stabilization method
  • Strong plastic airframe designed to survive everyday crashes easily
  • Factory-installed motors, ESCs and radio rate
  • High-intensity LEDs for easy orientation and tracking—LEDs also flash to alarm you to low battery voltage
  • 3-axis gyro and 3 accelerometers for smooth, settled flight. Accelerometers can be stoped for better flying time
  • 3.7V 850mAh LiPo battery for 12-15 minutes of flight time per charge
  • High-output USB fast charger to get return in the air faster

Dromida Vista 251mm Drone - Beginners Drone

MR100 2.4GHz SLT Radio embrace:

Dromida Vista 251mm Controller

  • Auto-Flip Button for pro-style flips on demand
  • 2.4GHz technology, for the superior interference-free flight
  • SLT (Secure Link Technology) for produce instant, unbreakable links between the receiver and your transmitter’s unique coded signal.
  • Dual rates and four flight modes (Easy, Normal, Advanced and Expert) to customize solution to your ability and preferences
  • Sound and light cues to simplify settings, confirm setups and provide alerts
  • Digital trims for precise settings and higher control

The transmitter comes with 4 “AA” batteries and will be well-known to gamers; It’s convenient for youth and adult hands alike. It has a button to select which flight mode you want to fly.

Package Includes:

Dromida Vista 251mm Drone Package

  • Fully assembled and equipped drone
  • MR100 SLT radio system
  • 3.7V 850mAh LiPo battery and USB charger
  • 4 “AAA” alkaline batteries
  • Extra set of blades
  • Screwdriver

For the end, my opinion is that this product should not be underestimated, Dromida Vista 251mm Drone is durable and has an affordable price for those who want to try such a “toy”. I say this because it is clearly suitable for beginners and won’t be something wow for those who have certain claims for a drone.

Price: $50.

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