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LeveTop Folding Drone

LeveTop Folding Drone

LeveTop Folding Drone

How many of you, those who knew the world of drones from the beginning, had problems with storage or transportation? How many of you have broken a propeller or a propeller protector? And how many of you would have liked LeveTop to appear faster? LeveTop folding drone will be now at our disposal to demonstrate how practical and easy to carry it is.
LeveTop Folding Drone Colors: Black And White

Foldable drones – basically the future

Theoretically, this article is more useful for those who are going to buy their first drone, because it’s a huge help that you know what to expect when you have a foldable quadcopter.
LeveTop folding drone will be so easy to store and transport wherever you go, that it is ideal for those who are active and spend a lot of time in trips for example or to other events where an aerial photo will be something wow!

Let’s see what important details LeveTop has and what are the main features that define this drone, in addition to the fact that at first glance you think it’s a thermos or at least a cylinder-shaped object that is certainly not a drone:

  • the first thing to do at this drone is to convert it from a thermos into a quadcopter, this is done by pulling and blocking the propellers, then with the app (iOS and Android) we can take off.
  • once we’ve raised the drone into the air, the next step is to keep it in a range of 100m, the distance that the application can control the drone.
  • when we are in the air, we have more possibilities to use this drone, an example is image recognition system with which the drone will follow us no matter what type of movement we are doing (walking, running, cycling, etc.)
  • we can also set limits via GPS beyond which it will not fly
  • 1080P stabilized camera for everyday adventure
  • removable 1,500-mAh lithium-polymer battery with which we have about 20 minutes of flight time.

We therefore look forward to the LeveTop foldable drone launch to test all the features and not to destroy another drone among luggage.

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