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Geprc GEP-CX Cygnet FPV Drone


We have recently found out about one of the latest released drone on the market, and that is Geprc GEP-CX Cygnet FPV Drone. In the context of Black Friday Sales GearBest released the drone with the starting price of $268.90 and the additional shipping taxes.

The company who developed this drone are the guys from Geprc, who had the idea of designing a powerful aerial drone. GEP-CX is one of the many models they offer, but this one right here is a mini aerial filming quadcopter that has integrated the Runcam Split Mini 2 with a great video 1080P/60fps . A similar model is the AEE AP10 Pro Drone, which is powered with a 16MP/1080p HD Camera and GPS.

What is best is that propellers on the body of the drone do not create any shadow fact that creates a better view effect.

If you are a lover of smart devices you would be pleased to know what features this little guy right here powers. Firstly, the body of the drone is very stable thanks to the materials, GEP-CX Cygnet has 3K carbon structure got 3mm arms coupled with some aluminium vertical element.

For the matter of electronic parts the drone comes equipped with a powerful F4+BFOSD board, a 4-in-1 20A 4S compatible ESC board, 1206/4500KV motors.

Geprc GEP-CX Cygnet Drone it is not a RTF drone, instead you get it as a PNP (without radio transmitter) and BNF (with FrSky radio) device, like most of the today FPV drones are. The FrSky receiver has two versions: the classic 2.4G FrSky XM+ or the 868Mhz/900Mhz FrSky R9 for super long range.

Another aspect of this drone is that it does not come with a battery included, but as an advice, there are two options, either you go for the lengthier way and update your drone with a 3S/850mAh (that will give you full 6 minutes of flight) or the, the shorter, the 4S/650mAh LiPO that ensures around 4 minutes of shooting and flying.

You will have to install it on the top plate, instead of the bottom one. So, there will be no room for a second GoPro or alike action camera left.

The RunCam Split Mini 2 1080P HD camera makes a great team with the 48CH/5.8G video transmitter that GEP-CX has incorporated. The VTX can be interchanged between the 3 transmission power levels: 25, 100 and 200 Watts.

Two wheelbase options are available: the 3 inch (145mm) perfect for the outside flying or the 2 inch propeller (115mm) proper for indoor spaces or small parks.

Inside the body of the GEP-CX there is also a combination of LED lights and 3D TPU print out so the entire design of the body to stand out when they are turned on.

All in all, with all the features described above GEP-CX would make a great purchasing if you ever think about having one for your own. It is powerful in terms of camera resolution, it is fresh and gathers all the great thing of the latest drone technology. If you do not mind the seeing-through core and parts, you can place and order from the link mentioned in the beginning of this article.

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