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Nikko Air Elite 115 Racing Quadcopter


The Nikko Air Elite 115 racing quadcopter, a ready to fly drone, designed for the racing drones category, a drone with which any beginner would “work” very well right from the first flight.

Nikko Air Elite 115 incorporates the most important features that a drone has to offer: altitude hold, a real acro mode, and Betaflight compatibility. Betaflight will be a great help because it allows you to customize settings like angle limits and sensitivities.

What does Nikko Air Elite 115 offer?

From the combination of the three features mentioned above, Nikko Air Elite 115 is a drone that makes you ask some questions, a small drone and yet so many positive features? Let’s see what important details Nikko Air Elite 115 offer:


The Air Elite 115 has a unique, exciting design that also offers outstanding protection for the propellers. These propeller guards protect and reduce the possibility of a crash because during the flight you can’t hit the propellers, this round prop guard forming a protective wall.
The drone is small enough to be used indoors without any problem, but they are strong enough to deal with the outside too.


The powerful 8020 brushed motors help this drone to be fast and agile, willing to reproduce any flips, rolls, loops, funnels, and corkscrews. All this with the special buttons on the transmitter.
Among other things, the Nikko Air Elite 115 is “armed” with safety features such as the immediate stopping of the propellers in the case of a crash. Also, the transmitter will send some vibrations if the battery is at the point of discharge, which is useful to land the drone in time.


In addition to the ones listed above, the Nikko Air Elite 115 remote has an interesting gamepad style that is very convenient during use. The plastic made of the gimbals (sticks) is sturdy and nice. Buttons are well positioned and easy to access. Auto-take off and landing has a separate button, so there is a special button on the left for spin and twists and the top right does flips and rolls.

The three speeds give beginners the chance to create enough racing experience and the three flight modes offer a lot of fun. Stability in any way is guaranteed by altitude hold.

N, A and P modes on the Air Elite 115

N is for Nikko

This mode helps the quadcopter easier flight. They switched the yaw and roll on the remote to the right stick. This mode may confuse the beginner user, in the sense that if he gets to adapt to it, it is harder to use the drone in traditional mode or using another quadcopter.

A is for Self-leveling

A-mode is an angle mode or self-leveling mode used by most drone pilots. This mode allows Air Elite to self-level, making it very easy to step into the experience.

P is for Acro

P-mode is acro or rate mode, used by Drone Racing League (DRL) pilots and racing pilots. In this mode, the drone no longer uses self-level, but you can test its limits. Indeed, there is a need for practice to use this mode, but it is appreciated that it is available in a cheap drone. It was really necessary for this step in the world of cheap drones.
Nikko has even set up a racing set that can be used by those who love racing and want to spend fun time with friends.

Package Include

  • Racing drone
  • Controller + 4 AA batteries
  • 3.7V Rechargeable Li-PO battery
  • 1 set (4) replacement propellers
  • Instruction booklet
  • USB charging cable

In the end

The last word for Nikko Air Elite 115: is worth it! A small drone, durable, cheap and last but not least fun. In short, this is how we describe this quadcopter, perfect for both beginners and experienced racers.

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