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Kaifeng KF600 Drone

Kaifeng KF600 Drone

Kaifeng KF600 Drone is the latest quadcopter of the year 2018. If you are a drone enthusiast this article is going to give you all the informations about KF600. All you have to know before going deeper in this review, is that this drone has some of the latest and the nicest features from the drone market.

It is mostly designed for aerial shooting thanks to the great camera quality and the smart modes of photography and shooting it comes with.

Kaifeng KF600 Drone Overview

The first sign that KF600 belongs to the latest generation is its design: it has a sleek and futuristic look, the body is compact, it is lightweight and its small dimensions make it easy to carry everywhere you go. Additionally it has a smart concept of the blades placement: the front motors are at the normal level while the rear ones are facing upper, so that the propellers are facing down. More exactly the blades are designed with upper and lower structures so that the convection of the air during flight makes the aircraft more stable, each wing corresponding to a blade.

For orientation, the blue on front and red on rear LED lights helps the users identify the position of the aircraft in low-light conditions.

Features and characteristics

Kaifeng KF600 Drone comes with a 720p HD camera that will give you amazing frames and videos. It is also thought as a FPV device, and the drone can also be spiced with some VR goggles, giving you a real-time experience you will never forget. 6-axis gyro and bottom camera gives greater control and balance to your device.

Other functions and modes available at this almost released drone are: the so-known altitude hold and headless modes.

The Gravity Sensor Mode lets the small quadcopter to automatically follow the way you move your smartphone, following you wherever you are going. This feature is improved by the trajectory flight ability, with which you can draw the flight track you desire directly on the phone, the quadcopter will follow that path.

Besides all this sensors and modes you will still get more: the optical flow positioning, also designed for more stable flight and great performance; fine-tuning and clearing function, low voltage alarm that will let you know when the battery is about to drop right before your drone should crash and the one-key home return function.

Kaifeng KF600 Drone Front View

It has a stuck protection system that is meant to protect the motor from damage. You battery or processor won’t damage thanks to the charging line protection which has anti-reverse insertion, anti-overcharge protection and short circuit protection.

The 3.7V 950mAh battery is advertise to give KF600 up to 12 minutes flying time and about 80 meters control range. You can set your drone at three speeds as it feature three flight models: low, middle and high speed, created for each user needs.

The controlling modes of the Kaifeng KF600 Drone

The remote controller

The Kaifeng KF600 has included in the package a similar model of transmitter with the one Eachine E58 has. It also features dual-antenna system and retractable phone holder. Additionally, the 2.4G remote control comes with anti-interference protection, the aircraft has a low-current protection over-current protection, aircraft flight flexibility and smooth fine tuning by remote control to fine-tune the performance of the aircraft to ensure normal function.

More than that the Wifi function enables the user to control the aircraft through the mobile application. You can take pictures, video in real-time transmission through the phone camera image and the Figure transmission distance in this mode goes up to 60-80 meters.

Kaifeng KF600 Drone Package

Also in the mobile application you have some functions that will make your photos look the coolest on the internet. For example if you turn on from your phone the Gesture Recognition Function you can take photos with your palm and record with the “fist” gesture.

If you thought about purchasing this drone, the smart functions it features will make a great deal. You can have fun with it and it does not matter if you are experienced in drone flying or not, KF600 has everything it needs to get you accustomed with it. While other online shops are pending the Kaifeng KF600 Deal, here you can already order it at a very affordable price, just check it out!

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