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SIMTOO XT-175 Mini Drone


Not only experts can find the right drones for their needs, but also beginners. The new drones are more and more diverse, more and more personalized. The multitude of drones available in stores both for the bigger budget and the modest ones, will make you choose a model for each event or every day. A good example could be the SIMTOO XT-175 mini drone for everyday fun, and we will learn all the details about this model and the benefits of a mini drone.

The advantages of the mini drones

By choosing the right drones, you will be through a lot of questions. One is related to the size in the assembled form of the drones. Why does this matter a lot? Obviously, first of all, a bigger drone is harder to control. A mini drone is much lighter and compact, so it’s easy to transport or store anywhere.

SIMTOO XT-175 Mini Drone

More aboout SIMTOO XT-175 mini drone

Probably this brand is not as well known as the ones we hear day by day, but SIMTOO has produced many drones of very good quality. The lack of reputation doesn’t prevent it from competing with renowned brands.

SIMTOO XT-175 is able to compete with many quality drones, but what really makes the difference is the price, the XT-175 entering in the affordable price category, compared to many other expensive drones that have the same features.

Product Highlights

  • GPS and optical flow positioning
  • Brushless motors
  • HD 1080P / 8MP FPV camera
  • Flight features:
    • Follow me
    • Automatic take-off / landing
    • Waypoint navigation
  • 970mAh Li Po battery (15 minutes flight time)
  • Foldable motor arms with foldable propellers
  • 150m control range
  • 140g total weight
  • Remote controller included

The XT-175 has automatic takeoff, return to home, follow me and even waypoint features. In order to have a good altitude hold capacity even indoor, SIMTOO has included dual GPS system.

The drone can be used with the help of an app for the mobile phone, and it will transmit the aerial filming directly to your phone. Of course, for the “traditional” users, SIMTOO included a controller for the XT-175. The best solution for enjoying maximum quality is to use the transmitter for control and the phone for FPV video.

In the best conditions, you may be able to take it to the air for 16 minutes, but most of the time the battery will be discharged after about 10-12 minutes. After the battery has been discharged, you will wait about 2 hours until it is fully charged again. Also the control distance is about 150 m, but the video signal is lost after 50 m.

XT-175 Camera

The XT-175 will shoot 1080p HD video and take 8 MP still photographs. Two important things to know about the SIMTOO XT-175’s camera are: the angle is adjustable but the second one is a negative one: it does not feature electronic image stabilization so it must be controlled with the perfect stability to shoot great photos and videos.


  • Max flight speed: 40KM/H
  • Maximum rise speed: 2m/s
  • Max take off speed: 1.5m/s
  • Remote controller battery: 3.7V 470mAh Lipo Battery(built-in)
  • Quadcopter size: 128 * 66 * 33mm (Folded)

                                143 * 130 * 33mm (Unfolded)

In the end

To conclude, I would say that this drone is able to compete with many more expensive and much more famous drones. The price generally does not exceed $ 150 and that’s why it comes in the category of affordable and yet very qualitative drones. Beginners can rely on the help of the multitude of features that ease your first flights.

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