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25 Things That Drones Can Do

25 things that drones can do

Drones nowadays have a growing popularity. These flying machines are used mainly for entertainment purposes. They are affordable even for average people. Depending on the price you can choose different types of quadcopters with less or more technical features. Arial photography and making video footages are the most popular use, but you can do way more with them. Here is a list of 25 things that drones can do.

You will be surprised how much new inspiration will it give you this list. Drones are not only a source of fun but also can be used in different ways that are beneficial to your business and also for society. Many application and interpretations can be assigned to quadcopters. They are undoubtedly way less expensive than helicopters and other flying instruments. They are cost effective and easy to use and doesn’t require pilots in the air, they are operated and controlled from the ground. In these aspects lies the advantages of using a drone instead of an expensive vehicle. But let”s see the list I managed to compose of the 25 things that drones can do.

1. Film video footages for YouTube

With an HD camera and a stabilizing gimbal, you can take awesome video shots. For amateur videographers using drones, it is a perfect way to experiment. Even if you don’t have a budget for an expensive drone, that has a decent camera and a gimbal, you can use cheap drones too. There are drones that allow you to attach professional cameras to them.

2. Make professional movie shots

Movie studios are now using drones for filming aerial scenes. They are more cost-effective than in previous times. You don’t have to buy a professional apparatus and spend thousands for making great movie scenes. The helicopter is still an expensive way of filming.

3.Deliver Mail and Parcel

Amazon and UPS are also using drones to deliver their packages. This is a forward-looking and efficient method. These services are not yet spread around the world but have great potential these approaches. It is more a testing phase but promising.

4. Real Estate filming and photography

In the real estate business, visual interpretation is very important. The first thing you will see is a picture of your dream house. Using drones it can be made beautiful aerial photos or even videos of the properties. It is way cheaper than to use a helicopter to do this task.

5. Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours are also made by the usage of drones. Many companies, museums are using to show to the visitors the locations inside and outside. You can virtually perambulate all the scenes, rooms you are interested in. Drone images and videos are used to put together detailed virtual tours.

6. Aerial mapping

Nowadays google maps satellite images are an easy way to investigate an area you are interested in. Due to the country regulations, certain areas can’t be mapped in detail with satellite imagery. Using of drones in this areas can be a useful application. Many companies are now offering detailed aerial mapping using good quality drone imagery.

7. 3D mapping

A more detailed take on the aerial mapping is the 3D mapping. Using various 3D generating software you can utilize the drone images to create a virtual version of a scene, an object or a landscape. Also, you can model a certain area for mapping purposes.

8. Military tasks

The army usually uses new technologies at first. Drones are widely spread across the military scene. On the battlefield to use a drone for scouting purposes is a victim free humane method. The high tech drones are able to do precise and detailed tasks with great efficiency.

9. Security patrolling

A highly sensitive site can be protected by the usage of drones. CCTV cameras only viewing certain angles and spectrums. With drones, you can set GPS waypoints to watch the area you are guarding. They can easily fly to the desired location when we detect an unusual move from the picture of the camera.

10. Assist journalists

Video footages or photographies for news crews and journalists are often difficult to realize. In hard to reach or sensitive places, the documentation can be tough. With the use of drones, these tasks are simplified and assured.

11. Advertise

Big banners carried by drones is a great way to advertise a local business and event. Autonomous drones can fulfill these tasks. If the technology advances, probably we will see more autonomous drones in the near future. Banners carried with planes are a too expensive way for advertisement.

12. Rescue operations

Drones can be used to detect lost pets or children. With drones, you can check bigger areas, and the use of helicopters is more expensive of course. Equipped with thermal cameras these quadcopters can detect more efficiently lost living beings.

13. Record extreme sports

With the latest active track technologies, drones are able to follow the predefined targets. If you are a mountain biker, a snowboarder or a parachute glider, or any other extreme sports enthusiast you want to capture every moment. With this feature, it is possible to satisfy these needs. Along with obstacle avoidance systems, these drones can be a perfect companion. They can avoid trees, rocks or any other obstacle along the way while filming your every move on the go.

14. Replace cell towers

Well, this is only a concept yet, but Facebook already presented some plans to replace cell towers with solar-powered drones. Solar batteries on drones can transform them into self-sustaining machines.

15. Tall building inspection

An entire building inspection can cost a lot of money. With the help of drones, you can receive a detailed image of any area you are interested in. With the help of high-quality images, you can decide more easily and in a target-oriented manner if the area needs detailed engineering procedures or not.

16. Traffic monitoring

In urban area traffic problems can be a great issue for the citizens. Monitoring the traffic patterns with drones are an effective way to plan ahead modifications on the infrastructure if they are needed. Urban planners with the usage of drones receive an effective tool for preparation.

17. Atmospheric Research

Low altitude atmospheric research can be done with the help of drones. These machines have their limitations of altitude, they cannot reach too high. Investigating weather patterns can be made also with the help of quadcopters. These areas also benefit the assistance of the four-bladed machines.

18. Drone Racing

Drone racing has gone pretty popular in the latest times. What is drone racing? You should imagine a race track with different obstacles where professionally designed ultra light and fast drones compete with each other. A whole industry has been developed for this type of drones. This category is more a DIY hobby. You can build your own drone with different parts and components. It is a fun sport for drone enthusiasts. With FPV ( First Person View) goggles, you will see the camera picture live to experience the thrill of speed and racing.

19. Take Selfies

Selfie drones are also popular these days. If you are a social media addict and you like to take a ton of selfies these kind of machines are an upgrade from your smartphones. You can take pictures from interesting angles and viewpoints. With selfie drone pictures you will definitely stand out on social media.

20. Wedding Filming

Wedding filming and photography is really popular now and nonetheless is a good business. With interesting angles and aerial views, you can capture your most memorable moments. Special events can easily captured with drones. The smart features are also useful when you plan to record a special event. Many wedding photography and videography businesses use quadcopters in their portfolio.

21. Underground cavern exploration

Underground caverns can be dangerous to approach. Drones are helping to remove the risks explorations. A human research team can be expensive and sometimes risky.

22. Carrying people

The technology of drones is in continuous evolution. There are also prototypes of that nature that can carry people, so in the not so far future we can experience a drone ride too. Carrying people with drones is risky yet and not all country regulations allowing that.

23. Disaster area screening

Disaster sites are dangerous to approach but for the situation assessment, it is advisable to use drones first. Before any firefighter can address the situation quadcopters are the best option to make a detailed site survey. If action is needed you will have a deeper insight.

24.Cook with it

A rundown drone that has had many flight hours can be a great benefit for your culinary aspirations. But what exactly can be used for? The propeller blades are ideal for slicing up veggies and skinning fruit. When you attach somehow egg-beater arms, you can use them to mix any kind of ingredient. This is your perfect robot machine in the kitchen, but after you see the mess that was done, you will reconsider that statement. Of course, you can use a drone for cooking when you considering it as a joke.

25. Just have fun

This is the basic advantage of these machines that you can simply use for fun. Many people buy them to experience and to learn how to fly a drone. The range is huge between different models, price ranges and usage. There are tiny drones, big drones, professional ones, and toy grades. There are with or without a camera, and the price range also can vary a lot.
To fly a drone is not just a hobby but can be a great source of income, a tool, and an equipment that can be beneficial in all areas of life.

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