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KingKong/LDARC TINY R7 TinyWhoop Alternative


As some people already know, others have not heard yet, LDARC is the new name of the KingKong brand. In order to maintain its position and reputation among the best drone manufacturers, KingKong / LDARC TINY R7 TinyWhoop alternative has been created, a newer version of Tiny7’s.

Also equipped with brushed motors, the LDARC TINY R7 is available with 3 different types of radio receivers. Depending on your existing transmitter, you can choose between DSM2, FrSky or FlySky radio versions.

KingKong/LDARC TINY R7 features and specs

  • 75mm sized air-frame with ducted propeller protectors;
  • Versatile SPRACINGF3 flight controller with BetaFlight firmware;
  • Multiple flight modes (including Turtle);
  • Ultra fast 820 Brushed motors (16000KV);
  • Powerful DRV8850 brushed motor drivers (5A continuous and 8A peak current);
  • 800TVL camera with 150 degree field of view (199C model);
  • 5.8G video transmitter with 25mW broadcast power (16CH);
  • Multiple radio options (DSM2, FlySky and FrSky);
  • Rear LED light.

Among all its features, the Tiny R7 is renowned for its ability to fly indoor with great ease.

All electronic parts are protected by a plastic canopy.


Using a 800TVL camera and a 25mW 16 channel 5.8G VTX we get an excellent FPV especially because the camera has 150 ° field of view.

I wonder how many beginners have heard about Anti-turtle mode? In case there is someone who is not familiar with this term, we say that it is a new feature that means no matter if the drone crashes up-side-down, it will be able to take off with a single press of a button.

LDARC TINY R7 advanced combo package content

  • Plastic carry case;
  • 5 pieces of flight batteries (3.8V 450mAh 50C);
  • TINY Meter 1S (6 Way battery parallel charger);
  • 3 pieces of spare protective canopies (Yellow, Red and Pink);
  • 6 pairs of spare propellers;
  • Blade removing tool;
  • 2 pieces of PH2.0 cables;
  • User manual

It is also affordable compared to his “brothers” and other drones with similar features.

We have a 75mm wheelbase which stores the four brushed 820 (16000KV) motors paired with a set of 40mm 4-blade propellers.

The Tiny R7’s FPV system is powered by a 150C 800TVL 150 ° camera along with a 5.8G 25mW 16CH Mini FPV transmitter.

At the moment, the best choice would be to buy a Tiny R7 from Banggood, but you can also find it on Amazon or Geekbuying.


In conclusion

Quality will always combat the price as long as the user is interested in a good product and wants it to use its maximum capacity. The Tiny R7 will be suitable for both beginners and experienced users. Compared with other drones, the LDARC Tiny R7 will be an exciting and new presence with a much more sophisticated design than regular quadcopters.

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