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Yuneec Mantis Q Drone with Voice Command

Yuneec Mantis Q Drone with Voice Command

Yuneec Mantis Q Drone will be the subject of this article specially written to determine what is the new madness in the drones world and what we need to consider when looking at the drones specs.

Over the years, the most important qualities have been established for a “perfect” quadcopter, the most innovative features that make our drones a special one were needed. The offer on the drones market is almost unfinished, new models are being launched every day, and some new products are also being invented to increase the interest of buyers.

Having so many models at hand, so many variants and so many qualities to sort out and choose a suitable one, it might take us forever until we decide which would be the most appropriate quadcopter for our needs, that is why we first list the most important points that must be present on our list of needs when we start drone hunting:

  1. Among the first important things that worry most buyers is the price, obviously.

Yuneec Mantis Q it can be purchased at a price that is around $ 500. We will decide at the end whether this price is expensive or on the contrary, suitable for the qualities of Yuneec Mantis Q.

  1. Drones are mostly used for fun, but also for work. How? Drones filming is an important artistic image in many commercials, movies, videos. For these shootings to be made at a high level, the camera is the next most important feature.

Our drone in this review can shoot 4K videos, 13 MP photos, they can be saved on a Micro SD card in JPEG or DNG format.

  1. To take advantage of our drones as much as possible, flight time is the next most important feature of categorizing drones, according to our necessity. For a leisure time flight, we may not need a drone whose battery will last a long time. Instead, if our desire is to film something exciting and longer, we will need a drone to satisfy that need.
Yuneec Mantis Q Drone

Yuneec Mantis Q drone has a 33-minute flight time thanks to 3.7V / 3000mAh battery! Perfect for outdoor trips and not only.

  1. We have left the speed with which a drone can fly to the end of the list, because this feature is less important among those who use this gadget. Being possible a later edit of a video, and increasing the speed of the run, this is less important. But of course we will not neglect it and list it here.

Yuneek Mantis Q drone has a top speed rated at 44.7 mph in Sport and Manual mode, but it also has other flight modes that can be used with phone app.

We have highlighted the most general features to know and consider when analyzing a drone. Yuneek Mantis Q also has other specifications that give us a helping hand to make an easier decision when it comes to buying a drones.

Voice control – how does it work?

New features must always be at the “wow” level, so what technology means is expanding and improving every day to get something better and more innovative than competition. Yuneec Mantis Q with voice control goes into the drones category with that “extra” thing.

The voice control function recognizes the voices only through the app and the microphone on the mobile phone with which you can apply commands like: “wake up”, “take off”, “land”, “take a picture”, start recording” and others.

Yuneec Mantis Q features and specs

  • Voice control and Visual tracking;
  • Face recognition & instant sharing;
  • Intelligent flight modes (Journey mode, Point of interest, RTH);
  • Fail-safe auto return tome;
  • Dual satellite positioning system (GPS & GLONASS);
  • 4K camera with remote angle adjustment;
  • 4800×2700 (16:9) or 4160×3120 (4:3) video resolutions;
  • Up to 13Mp photo resolution (JPG & DNG);
  • Electronic image stabilization at 1080P;
  • Maximum flight speed: Angle/Manual Mode: 21.6 km/h, Sport Mode: 72 km/h, IPS/Phone Mode: 14.4 km/h;
  • Transmitter range: 800 m (CE standard, optimum conditions), 1.5 km (FCC standard);
  • FPV range 1.5 km (FCC standard, optimum conditions), 800 m (Ce standard, optimum conditions)
  • Up to 33 minutes flying autonomy,
  • Innovative foldable design;
  • PX4 based flight controller;
  • Indoor & outdoor operation mode;
Yuneec Mantis Q WiFi 4k FPV

Included accessories

The Yuneek Mantis Q drone comes in a standard setup that includes:

  • a remote,
  • 3.7V/3000mAh flight battery,
  • spare propellers
  • a serial triple charger that charges up to three batteries in a row.

The X Pack contains the aircraft and transmitter, as well as three batteries and two sets of spare blades. It comes in a small, practical storage bag.

In the end

From the perspective of professionals, the Yuneec Mantis Q Drone could be improved for this price, such as flight distance or lack of a mechanical camera gimbal. But if we think better, those who are professionals will surely find the right drones for their demands.

On the other hand, a beginner could practice and learn perfectly all the features of both the Yuneec Mantis Q Drone and most of other new drones. Say hello to the newest Yuneec member!

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