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Eachine Tyro69 FPV Quadcopter

Eachine Tyro69

 Eachine Tyro69 FPV Quadcopter

Flying a drone is already much fun. But the Eachine Tyro69 takes your entertainment to the next level because this drone comes in the form of a DIY(Do It Yourself) kit. That means that you have to assemble it yourself which a very satisfying feeling. But it’s not just puzzling for the grown-ups that can fly. The drone can do so much more, but it has some negative aspects as well.

However, besides the pros and cons that you will read here, it’s a real pleasure having a drone that you built instead of just buying one. Setting up the drone won’t be difficult because we are talking about a really small drone a.k.a. a toothpick quad. But it’s a great opportunity for us drone lovers to have a closer look at how the drones are really working.

Eachine Tyro69 Specs

  • First, let’s see some general information about our drone.
  • Easy to install DIY FPV drone
  • Super high thrust ratio (170×4/75)
  • Ultralight 105mm carbon fiber frame kit
  • Each F411 OSD Flight Controller
  • 1104 8600KV motors by Eachine
  • 20A BL_S 4In1 speed controller;
  • 4×2.5 inch, 2-leaf propellers
  • Caddx Beetle V2 Camera AIO VTX camera (1200TVL/5.8G/25mW;
  • 2-3S LIPO compatible (3s 350-450mAh suggested).

Why you should buy the Tyro69?

Well, the most attractive part of our toothpick drone is the price which now was reduced from 69$ to 60$. Therefore we are talking about a dirt cheap drone. There are even much more expensive 3D puzzles. So it’s a good deal even if the drone will stay on your shelf for the rest of his life.

Eachine Tyro69 FPV Quadcopter

Besides that, we are talking about a small drone we also have a really powerful drone in the Tyro69. This drone is a racing drone. With his brushless motors and lightweight, it can achieve a really impressive speed. And this little guy is one of the fastest drones in his category. But the amazing flight experience with the Tyro69 doesn’t stop here. The drone also has FPV feature that allows the user to monitorize the drone via FPV headset.

Why you shouldn’t buy the Tyro69?

The biggest disadvantage of the drone is that it comes without battery, charger, receiver or radio transmitter. And this is a big mistake from the company because buying just a basic kit will get you nowhere. All you gonna have is just a 3D puzzle. If you want your drone to be functional you will have to pay more then just 60$.

But sadly that’s not the only contra for the Tyro69, apart from the fact that it has a bigger and more powerful motor than most of the toothpick quads, it has fragile and flimsy propellers and you just can’t get enough out of them. So you can’t bring out the full potential from your powerful brushless motors. So if you want to upgrade those parts you will have to pay even more for your drone. And at this stage, we can really ask the question if it’s really worth it?

The next minus is more subjective but I suppose I’m not alone with the fact that this “naked” look of the drone is not attractive at all. In the case of a powerful motorcycle it’s really badass to have a naked engine but in our case, that’s not an option. However, I see a really good wasted opportunity in this. The manufacturers can sell different skins for the drones and you would buy the one that fits your personality and taste the most. Skins that you can collect and combine. It would be a good solution and a great marketing idea as well. But it’s not too late.

Eachine Tyro69 design


The Eachine Tyro69 it’s a great opportunity to start your ”DIY drone life”. But if this is would be your first and only drone then I don’t recommend you to buy it. At least not yet. I think this drone is for the drone veterans who don’t care about 1 drone in their collection.

Still, if I had to describe the Tyro69 it would be  “too good to be true” because at first look it seems fun to have a drone like this. It’s fast, small, interesting, unique but if you take a closer look you get to find more and more disadvantages.

The best way to explain the drone is by imagining a powerful and fast sports car in your garage which you can’t drive because it doesn’t have tires or a steering wheel. You will be able to drive it only if you spend an additional amount of money. This is the Eachine Tyro69.

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